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  1. astrolade

    Is DC #1?

    you guys are about to start a fire you cant put out. Tread lightly.
  2. astrolade

    psychoacoustics feedback

    good guy to deal with and not a bad judge either... lol
  3. astrolade


    good guy to deal with, paid quick.
  4. astrolade

    Your db Numbers!

    I'm gonna be as loud as all you guys one day...you wait and see
  5. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    oh I will definately fix the problem if legit...but how do I know that it was properly installed?
  6. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    like I said ...Im not so much worried about people here..you guys hate scammers as well..its the paypal backdraft that I am concerned with. I use paypal for alot of different thigs and I cant affoed to have any issues. the amps were sent signature comfirmation and insured for more than I sold.
  7. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    I did that for several reasons...one my insurance I have on the vehicle and 2 I'm no dummy. and I always take pics of them as well
  8. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    I dont want to name names just yet...but yes he is an 09er. he did have great paypal info though.
  9. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    Mike I thought about that but I know the warranty seals werent broken. I am not sure if there are SN's on the board that match the case.
  10. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    3-4 days...something like that.
  11. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    I just dont need the hassle on here or with paypal if he tries to make a claim. I have made alot of sales on here and all have been great. and paypal...I dont even want to get into that.
  12. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    I dont know if this the right section but its not for feedback or anything. I did sell all my memphis amps over the weeks. EVERYONE that bought one was eager to receive them. And when they got them they let me know when they did. Now the issue is one person never let me know anything until he had a issue. Now I know the amps were fine and I tested them before I boxed them up. One of the forum members was here picking up the one he bought from me and I tested several with him here. I asked the guy for the serial numbers and said he didnt think that was important info and said I was trying to scam him. The only reason I asked for the SN is I recorded all SN's before they were sent out(for insurance reasons). I just want some info from you guys before I offically do something. He did mention in the pm's with me that he would trade blown one toward the price of mine. Is he maybe trying to keep my good ones and send his bad ones back? Thats why I asked for the SN's. Any thoughts. thanks Beau
  13. astrolade

    Kinetik HC16V Power Cell

    those batteries have to be charged 16v
  14. astrolade

    ACT Audio - Vernon

    good guys to deal with
  15. astrolade

    wtb memphis bridging module

    I have 3 of the memphis modules. let me know your budget and I will gladly get one out to you.