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  1. astrolade

    Got a issue.

    I dont know if this the right section but its not for feedback or anything. I did sell all my memphis amps over the weeks. EVERYONE that bought one was eager to receive them. And when they got them they let me know when they did. Now the issue is one person never let me know anything until he had a issue. Now I know the amps were fine and I tested them before I boxed them up. One of the forum members was here picking up the one he bought from me and I tested several with him here. I asked the guy for the serial numbers and said he didnt think that was important info and said I was trying to scam him. The only reason I asked for the SN is I recorded all SN's before they were sent out(for insurance reasons). I just want some info from you guys before I offically do something. He did mention in the pm's with me that he would trade blown one toward the price of mine. Is he maybe trying to keep my good ones and send his bad ones back? Thats why I asked for the SN's. Any thoughts. thanks Beau
  2. I need 4 more kinetik 16volt batteries. Let me know what you got and what you want for it/them shipped to 31210. Thanks
  3. If you have bought, sold or traded with me please post here. Thanks Beau
  4. astrolade

    Input on Stetsom 10ks

    Just wondering what you guys thought of these amps for spl applications. Does anyone have any test results that they would be willing to share? Thanks
  5. I have more makita drills/impact drivers for sale. Thos ethat bought these a month or so ago know they were a great deal. I have (3) 10.8v lithium ion drill/ impact kits. $100.00 shipped (2) 18v 1/2 drill/impact kits $200.00 shipped All of these are BNIB. They will be shipped FED-EX insured. I dont really want any trades but I am looking for some RE MT motors. Other than that I dont need anything. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=26509551&d=1234581583 http://www.caraudio.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=26509552&d=1234582468 [ATTACH]26510398[/ATTACH] until midnight tonight I will do the 10.8v kits for $90.00 shipped and the 18v kits for $185.00 shipped I really dont want to put these on ebay. I know I will sell them faster but I hate dealing with all the BS.
  6. astrolade

    Dbdrag in Albany GA

    April 25th in Albany, GA. Car show and dbdrag event. Will be a 2x or 3x by the time the event rolls around. All you north Fla , south GA and east Al guys need to come out and do this. Neill Barber is hosting the event. If any of you guys know him you know he throws one hell of a show.
  7. Guys UPS lost my motors and it will take forever to get the insurance claim. I dont have that much time since SBN is right around the corner. I didnt budget for this so I am willing to trade a American Bass Vfl 80.1 for a RE MT motor. I have one extra so I just need one. Let me know what you guys have. I just got this from bogiejoe1. I opened the box thats it. I will get photos up tonight. Thanks
  8. astrolade


    super cool guy to deal with. Fast shipping and great communication. I wonder if he is easy to deal with when it comes to repos? LOL
  9. I need 3 more. Let me know what you got. I have money in paypal waiting. Thanks
  10. A local tool store is closing and I took advantage. There is a ton of tools for sale there and this is what I bought. I plan to go back. If there is something you may need I can get it if they have it. Just PM me. The Makita kits are BNIB and the Milwaukees are from my garage. I have 4 Makita 10.8v compact Lithium-Ion 2pc combo kit......$100 shipped I have 2 Makita 18.0v Lithium-Ion 2pc combo kits..compact impact driver-compact 1/2 drill.....$200 shipped also I have a Milwaukee 15amp 71/4 tilt-lok circular saw...3.25pk horsepower...it is slightly used and dusty from being in my garage...$75 shipped Milwaukee 10amp sawzall with quick-lok cord...in the case....slightly used...$75 shipped all prices are shipped and insured with tracking numbers. Check the prices at Home-depot and you will see these are a deal. The 10.8v kit is awesome for tight places and installing amps and subs. I am alittle flexiable on the Milwaukee stuff but the Makitas are pretty firm since they are new and unopened. [ATTACH]26509551[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26509552[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26509553[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26509554[/ATTACH]
  11. I have (2) 4gb iphones and (1)8gb iphone as well as (2) 80gb ipods. They are brand new but I dont have any accessories. Let me know I will post pics soon. 4gb iphone- $245.00 gone 8gb iphone- $300.00 1 left shipped and insured 80gb ipod- $180.00 gone
  12. astrolade

    crossfire vr4000d

    Who knows anything about these amps? Input voltage, imp. and strapping? thanks