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  1. bigblank69

    Blaupunkt new budget amps

    BigD bought them.... spoiler... they suck
  2. bigblank69

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    Yep, get them while they last! These HD's are pretty solid
  3. bigblank69


    It will be fine, people I have seen have issues went below 1 ohm.... These chinese amps do NOT like below 1 ohm for extended periods of time
  4. bigblank69

    Best place to buy Car audio online?

    I think it depends on what you consider to be the "best deal". If you want a warranty there are a few places that sell with warranty (SSA being one of them, along with Sonic, Crutchfield, D4S, GP, etc..) If you want lowest price.... check ebay for VMI innovations and other sellers... or Amazon.
  5. bigblank69

    Budget 4 channel amp

    The Rockville certainly did pretty well, as did the Pioneer, Soundqubed and Dual. I have got a Axxera 40D here that is at crutchfield right now for $65 and its rated 4x100 CEA.
  6. bigblank69

    Test bench power supply

    6 amps won't be enough... what budget are you trying to stay in?
  7. bigblank69

    PSI Audio amps

    As for a more complete thought on PSI amps.... Well they are a generic amp... With a pink logo and stickers. They may have bought a upgraded series... With all of these off the shelf buys, my suggestion is to just find one with the best customer service to price quotient and go with them.
  8. bigblank69

    PSI Audio amps

    Your math skills are terrible.
  9. bigblank69

    Most Efficient Amp Ever? Brutal Sounds BS5.1

    Orion has their own buildhouse.
  10. bigblank69

    Someone faking as Ryan Blakenship's Channel?

    Yes it's fake. I reported it to YouTube... Please don't watch that guys stuff
  11. bigblank69

    brutal sounds bs2.1 dyno WTF over 90% efficient???????????????

    Their explanation is actually not very good. If the amp makes it before clipping... it makes it before clipping. Honestly in my opinion the only way to "Trick" the dyno is to use a shorter duration sine wave.... you could do a build track that would be a shorter amount of time and I theorize it would produce more power than the 10 second standard track.
  12. bigblank69

    brutal sounds bs2.1 dyno WTF over 90% efficient???????????????

    I am willing to be the clamp was only on one input..... real number would be double that
  13. bigblank69

    Earthquake D2- never dyno'ed?!

    They are just difficult to find for just doing a Dyno test on. Plus with most of them being 20 years old, the functionality and reliability of the amp becomes questionable.
  14. bigblank69

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    It would probably be a good solution for someone....
  15. bigblank69

    Rockville DB14 Amp Dyno

    Audiosavings.com is the company that owns Rockville