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  1. Seeing as I have a ton of experience in this department... let me be the first to say your friends are idiots lol A 30-40 amp PSU will be more than enough to test functionality of any amp I have seen. Most I have seen a amp pull at idle was 3 amps. Most come in at about 1-2amps at idle, and that usually is dependent on if it has a internal fan or not. Most I have ever seen a amp pull at turn on was 17 amps, and that was a 2800W Class A/B amp. Most amps there is little to no difference between Idle current pull and turn on.
  2. bigblank69

    Orion XTR-1000.1 vs. Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D?

    It's really not..... The XTR1000 doesn't perform as well as the XTR2500d or the 1500 for that matter...
  3. bigblank69

    Rms mark.

    probably a good starting point
  4. bigblank69

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    bought a $50 Hydro crimper on amazon and it easily will do 4/0
  5. bigblank69

    Rms mark.

    With a load being 1 ohm, volts and amps should be equal (On a TRUE 1 ohm load), in which case the math is V/A=1, V*A=2500W, 50Vx50A=2500W Granted that is with a resistive load. If your reactive load is rising to 2 ohms your VAC need to be at 70.5... however that amp won't put out a VAC of 70.5 as that is beyond its capability at 2ohms....
  6. bigblank69

    More amp tests on deck... Opinions on more amps...

    For about 150. DO NOT buy the Power Acoustik CB-8000d... Instead go onto ebay use the Primo code and you can get a Audiopipe APMI-2000 for just under $150 shipped.... from VMInnovations
  7. bigblank69

    Low Budget Subwoofer Setup?

    Kind of like when Costanza when against his natural instinct.... Maybe Gramps would be a World Champ then JK
  8. bigblank69

    cadence shockwave a7000?

    Over 1.5K in house.... 14 not including the Brutal Sounds amp or the Extra Alphard DB2000.1D I have here Total here... 36 I can think of..... Not counting the amps I already tested and kept.... than that number is over 40...
  9. bigblank69

    cadence shockwave a7000?

    Yeah that was kind of the understatement of the day.....
  10. bigblank69

    cadence shockwave a7000?

    I have a couple of 2000w 1 ohm amps if your looking to buy one.
  11. bigblank69

    12v DC to AC converters

    I am about to upgrade my PSUs I use for my test bench, I can sell you one. It's a RD Power 2kw model that will do 150amps DC... Can sell it for $200 shipped.
  12. bigblank69

    Renegade RXA1000D Amp Dyno

    Another one bites the dust....
  13. [quote name='BOOMINGRANDPA']man idk where u saw that but trust me it's not even close at 80%.. @bigblank69 had or still has one and i know he tested a 1500 maybe he'll replay and see what his amp showed (he has a dyno channel on utube it's huge now) [url]https://www.youtube.com/user/bigblank69/videos?view=0&flow=grid&sort=p[/url][/QUOTE] I sold my 2500.1Dz... kind of regret it but I want to try some other amps out on my truck. I currently have a Alphard Deaf Bonce 2000.1 in there and will be trying out the Brutal Sounds 2.1 next.... Might even **** everyone off and run a Brazilian amp at 4 ohms... Otherwise known as the Double Gramps Ohm