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  1. tprj82

    4- 18" in s10 blazer ? non wall.

    I've never understood wanting a 608086 cube non wall
  2. tprj82

    Box/Wall builder in houston tx

    Kurt would be pretty close to that price you were quoted, I didn't even think of him and Kyle, your looking for a 2 18" wall correct? I'll ask him what he might want
  3. My truck has/had 2 sets of soundstream Picasso components from 04ish and a pair of 3 way components built from parts express. Was fully walled with 9 12" fi ssds on 2 ampere 5ks. Had 3 layers of deadner on the roof and back wall, layer and half on front doors, no rattle but back windshield and wall still flexed
  4. Another local, what part of Montgomery do you live? I used to live off 1486 before I moved to cypress
  5. You will need to deaden the rear wall, mine still flexed as well as my tool box. I agree with more mids power my 2 dB drive 100.4s couldn't even keep up with my quiet wall
  6. tprj82

    Going Brazilian

    I haven't visited Paul in a while,I should stop bY
  7. tprj82


    Michael, when did you move/come to texas..sorry for the hijack, those are some nice.moofers
  8. tprj82

    Beware of Robertvon!

  9. tprj82

    The Road Life?!

    What hotel/motel they putting you up in? See if you could be put up in a drury inn they serve hot breakfast and free drinks and Wi-Fi, or wherever they put you up see about the room put in your name and sign up for rewards points. When you get done you might have earned a free week or so worth of time to use towards a vacation.
  10. tprj82

    8 12's 4th order help please

    he is referring to bryan obando, Bryan had 4 15" sp4s on 4 3800s doing a 160 in usaci so it is a outlaw score
  11. tprj82

    3 15's or 2 18'

    You won't get loud Adam, just give me your subs and move on lol
  12. tprj82

    3 12" DD 9512H's vs DC Lvl 6 18

    Why not recone yours to a 15.and run a pair of 15s?
  13. You don't want the fuses to match the amp, you want it rated for your wire ampacity, a 200 amp fuse on 10 gauge is bad news
  14. tprj82

    Whats the build/ship time on SSA subs

    Anything Scott and Nick turn out is great, If your impatient this isnt the company for you. But if you want the best in the business the order away