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  1. Like the title says anyone have some suggestions for an amp to power a set of Focal 165VB 6.5" components? I dont want to spend anything to crazy I have the money but dont want to spend alot on just a small amp for components and need to save for subs, an amp under 100$ would be nice. Specs are : # 6-1/2" 2-Way Polyglass Series Component System # Power Handling: * Peak: 280 watts per set / 140 watts each side * RMS: 140 watts per set / 70 watts each # Polyglass cone woofer # Butyl rubber surround # 1-3/4" Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter # 80% ABS/20% Fiberglass basket # Crossover with 3-level tweeter control # 4 ohms impedance Maybe something like this? MTX 702X 210W RMS, 2-Channel Amplifier X Thunder 702 X # RMS Power Rating: * 4 ohms: 70 watts x 2 chan. Seems perfect each mid is 70 watts rms this amp will push 70 watts to each mid and tweeter? thanks for the help!
  2. So does anyone here have a nissan sentra in here and know how to remove the middle console (Underneath the handbrake?) I dropped my pill down there and in dire need of it right now but too stupid to figure out how to remove it. help wud be very much appreciated flame all u want as long as i get sum help! im sick as a dog.
  3. Trez0r

    1 15" HDC3 vs 2 12" type-arghs

    sony xplod, they can handle 2000+ daily easily
  4. Trez0r

    The "game" willing to help out?

    Words with venom, words that bind, / Words used like weapons to cloud my mind. / I'm a person, I'm a man, but no matter how I try, / People just say, "Hey! There's that nagger Guy." / Everywhere I go it's always the same, / Everyone just thinks of me as that one single name. / "Hey nagger Guy!" "nagger Guy!" "Hi nagger Guy!" Stop! / Now go, call me nagger Guy, fill me with your hate, / Try to bring me down, boop bop you're too late. / When will it end? Will there ever be a time / Where I can be thought of as more then just nagger Guy? / Respect. Can I donate this poem if its for an african american/black thing cause? and wiN>?
  5. Trez0r

    The "game" willing to help out?

    what the hell is this? whats the cause for? and what do i win? then we'll talk about some donations
  6. Trez0r

    trade agreement I shipped first

    Is his name Jared Lawson? I did a transaction with him apaprently, i didnt gte scammed. but you did lols.
  7. Trez0r

    bored tonight...free tuning tonight only

    Cause im having a party at my house, an ECSTASY PARTY AND I GOT ON HERE FOR 5 MINS IM NOT ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO NE
  8. Trez0r

    bored tonight...free tuning tonight only

    cause I can LOSSSERRRRR!!!!!!!!!
  9. Trez0r

    bored tonight...free tuning tonight only

    lol, do you not have any friends on a saturday night? asking people on ca to come over and have some beers with you haha can anyone say LOSSSERRRRR????
  10. Trez0r

    WTB the pipe **JUST LOOK**

    Dude, I just picked up 15 20mg Oxycontin pills, chewed 3 and sniffed two in one line 100 MG, yeah that's right! AND IM AM FUCcCKED OUT OF MY MIND!!! Officaily on the NOD SQUAD today AOOAOOOOOOYEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Trez0r

    pics of 1 of my whip

    ugly as fack.. stupid white boi tryin to act like a g.
  12. 2 18" pups 2500rms/5000peak LMK
  13. Trez0r

    Amp help

    just turn the gain all the way up