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  1. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    I'd rather ship at the same time.
  2. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    I knew I had them!!
  3. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    Pictures added. I have the remote and trim ring somewhere. If we do this don't plan on them coming with it. That way if I can find them it's bonus!
  4. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

  5. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    I'll take some pictures on Sunday. I'm sure I've bought some stuff on here and ROE, but it would've been around 2005-2007. eBay user name is bassquakes and should have my feedback on it.
  6. almond

    JL Audio Cleansweep

    Why won't it work? If you don't mine me asking. I'm looking for a solution for my 2014 focus.
  7. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    Straight across? I have absolutely no need for it. Kind of feel bad letting it sit in my closet for so long.
  8. almond

    Fs: Rf 360.2

    I have an 880prs if you have any interest.
  9. almond

    nutxo = BAD TRADER

    soooo.......if he shipped via ups and he sold the amp for only $100 where the problem with not getting insurance or filing a claim?
  10. almond

    nutxo = BAD TRADER

    in his defense and not ready all the threads and what not. didn't he ship via ups which includes $100 in insurance at minimum?
  11. almond


    "hmm i'm gonna buy this item. let see, oh on this website it states you turn it on with a key and it does this. ok, well it doesn't show or say anything on there about a key. hmmm maybe i should pm him and ask if he has the key." also did he ever reply to you? did maybe he forget to put the key in there ( i had this happen with my nak cd player where the guy forgot something, i pm'd him and a few days later he got back to me and sent them out.) do you think you waited long enough before calling him a scammer?
  12. almond


  13. almond


    did you even search the product? i found about four articles that stated it needs a key. after researching the product did you ask him if it came with the key?? or did you blindly just buy something?
  14. almond

    blown 15

    which head unit?
  15. almond

    Best sub for clarity?

    i always enjoyed the eclipse sw8200