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  1. I saw those "Amazing" Carvers twice in person, they are HUGE! But the sound was great. That same seller also has some BNIB old school car audio, including something I always wanted to try............ Old School, JIM FOSGATES / GAVOTTE 360 DEGREES DIGITAL SPACE MATRIX fosgate NEW! Old School, JIM FOSGATES / GAVOTTE 360 DEGREES DIGITAL SPACE MATRIX fosgate NEW! | eBay
  2. Carver Amazing Black Speakers Pair BRAND NEW OLD STOCK IN BOX!!! Carver Amazing Black Speakers Pair BRAND NEW OLD STOCK IN BOX!!! | eBay
  3. The 2nd one could also be an old Clarion Pro Audio as well. They had round buttons too.
  4. If you cant find a used one you can probably get one through this website. 33-11449Z01 Alpine Face Plate/cda-9886 In StockNo Estimated Ship Date10/11/2016 or 12 days On Vendor Purchase Order No Total Price $8.31 33-11449Z01 Alpine Face Plate/cda-9886
  5. Rich B

    Q: Best highest performing 5.25" round speakers

    PhD AF 5 1 M B Pro PhD FB 1 1B TW PhD XO PhD 2 W | eBay
  6. Rich B

    Alpine/JL/Rockford/Image Dynamics

    Active, or passive, I would seriously think about these (in 1 or 2 pairs). PhD FB 6 1 Kit Pro Audiophile 2 Way Car Component Speakers 100 Original | eBay Made in Italy.
  7. Rich B

    What's your opinion on these

    Thats a magnet cover, the actual magnet underneath is a lot smaller. My opinion is those are okay as starter subs, but I prefer cast frames on subs.
  8. Rich B

    eq help

    Gain Setting Tutorial
  9. Rich B

    These are special

    Limited Edition Soundstream TWT P Pink Tweeters RARE Sapphire Series Australian | eBay
  10. Rich B

    Good Single DIN with oversized face?

    Older Alpine CDA-7998 would be the best overall for SQm but they are hard to find. Details: FantomFace XL motorized stealth faceplate BioLite high-resolution display switchable green or amber button illumination plays MP3 files on CD-R or CD-RW, plus audio CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs MaxTune SQ tuner XM Satellite Radio controls (XM Radio subscription, tuner, antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal.) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories Bass Engine Pro (5-band parametric EQ, 6-channel digital time correction, 6-position crossover with variable slope, plus subwoofer phase and level controls) Media Xpander CD changer controls for Alpine Ai-NET changers only optional auxiliary input premium-quality power supply and output capacitors gold-plated 4-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs i-Personalize clock wireless remote component amp(s) required — no internal amp CD frequency response 5-20,000 Hz CD signal-to-noise ratio 105 dB FM sensitivity 9.3 dBf
  11. Rich B

    Old school ridiculousness

    This brings back memories. Waaaaaaay ahead of its time, too bad I never could afford them.
  12. You do very nice work. You might want to give a price on some specific versions and sizes in order to comply with the posting rules for sale ads. As hard as it is to find grills for subs, you might so some good business here.
  13. Rich B

    Alpine Type-R 12 Vs. American Bass XFL 12

    Yeah they would. I still own a Zapco Z220II that I bought "on sale" for the low price of $499.95, which was $200 off list price. $700 and a whopping 115w per channel!
  14. Audison Thesis HV Venti | eBay