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  1. If there are any planes you want air tight but dont want to fiberglass, theres a pretty easy way to do it. Cut a wooden trim panel (usually out of hardboard or some really thin plywood) that fits pretty close to the shape, with at most like a 1/2" gap with what you are trying to seal to. Install it as bare wood. Then in all the gaps, fill with some bondo or better yet, bondo glass. Take all the areas where the trim will meet the surface (usually a pillar, floor, or headliner) and cover it in painters tape so the bondo doesnt get all over it. Just smear the bondo in there, no points for neatness. Once it cures, take it out and sand the front and back flat, and wrap in whatever material you want to use for the trim panel. The bondo will have coutoured to whatever you smeared it up against creating a perfect fit, and once wrapped, it will look like you cut it out perfectly. Its nice to use the hardboard because you can slightly bend it to get it to fit into tight spaces.
  2. You can stay with a smaller ported chamber, I'd just stick with a smaller port, roughly 160in^ and a big roundover. Will give a nice smooth response and get low.
  3. galacticmonkey

    Massive Audio N2 Mono Amp

    $70 shipped. PM me.
  4. That build isnt going to do a 160. Not trying to be a ****, but it doesnt have a 160 in it.
  5. Nice buid. These people need to grow a pair. If you have a vehicle and you want it loud, you may have to cut it up. So be it. A good friend of mine who has since passed was doing walkthroughs way back when I was still in diapers, as many people were. He bought a new S10 back in the early 90s and drove it from the dealership to his shop... To put a camper on it and cut the ENTIRE back of the truck out. Had like 19 miles on it or something when he cut it out. The thing still had the paper floor mat covers in it. He showed me pics of it. I mean... How else will you fit 16 15s in an S10?
  6. galacticmonkey

    get loud for cheap / ghetto blaster burb

    Bring your car up to the Tampa area with some money and Ill make it loud.
  7. galacticmonkey

    "New" car choice!! need opinions!

    My R/T has the 5.7 Hemi and a 4.10 rear end with a 6 speed auto. It scoots along pretty good. Only thing it doesnt have is a spray in bedliner (I might get a tonneau eventually instead), and the 8 speed, which isnt offered in the R/T. Even with the engine and gearing, when I drive it real easy on the freeway, I can average 19mpg. Ive gotten as good as 20mpg driving like my mpg is a game. Average mpg since Ive gotten the truck is 16mpg. I bet someone like my dad driving it 99% city could get better than me, and probably average around 17-18 city. Go drive the Ram. The Express line is a heck of a value especially, although all their trucks are a better buy than the Fords and Chevys. Ive only really owned Fords/Chevys before, and liked them, and still like them. Its hard to go wrong with any of the trucks from these three brands, but currently, I think the Rams are the best looking trucks, and definitely give you the most for your money. Heres a few pics of my new Ram. Ive put 8200 miles on it since I got it about 4 months back. The screen has given me a few problems (every once it a while it will freeze, but the volume knob and channel change still works), but its covered under warranty, and Im going to have them change it out when I go to get my oil changed. After tint. 5% on sides and back, 50% across whole windsheild.
  8. galacticmonkey

    What exactly is a "proper install"

    The basics need to be in place: -Solid connections. This is one of the most common causes of problems. -Use fuses. If you arent sure, fuse it. If its a weekend groundpounder, and a 4' piece of wire connecting some batteries, no big deal. Main power run? Fuse it. -Proper size wire. Its always better to overestimate the wire size necessary. -Proper battery/alternator size/amount/placement. A small system is fine on stock electrical. Dont run 2500w on a stock electrical. -Grounds connected to proper places. If you dont have proper/enough grounds, you will break stuff. -Wires ran in the proper places. Dont put power wire ziptied to fuel lines or moving parts or other stupid things like that. -Wires ran neatly. Not a rat's nest. Make sure they are ziptied out of the way and securely in place. Keep it organized. -Proper headunit/source for your application. You dont want $4500 of audio equipment running off a stock headunit and $20 LOC. -All speakers crossed over properly. Dont want 600hz going to your tweeters. -Gains sets properly. Signal needs to be clean. -Settings set properly. Make sure you have the amps set to the proper filter, and proper settings in the HU. Dont want bass boost on +100000. -Make sure your vehicle is deadened/braced where needed. If you are installing midbass in the doors, deaden/seal them Just know the basics. Understand what each part of the stereo does and how it does it. Understand how to use a DMM and how to troubleshoot a basic install. I dont care if its a 10" woofer in a 300w amp or 12 15s on 20,000w. If you have a solid understanding of car audio, speakers, and electricity, you can find the problem. So many people start way beyond their ability level. I know I did. My want for loudness was much stronger than my patience to learn. Over time, that changed. Basically, just do a job where you can explain what you did, and be proud of it. If a wire if ran in a certain place, be able to explain why it is ran there, and not somewhere else. Why that crossover setting? Why a butt connector compared to a t-tap? Why is the gain on the amplifier set to what it is? What is the peak draw of your vehicle? You need to know it all in and out. And if someone were to uninstall it, make sure that someone who knows this stuff would think "wow, this person actually took time to this right." Ive done installs for friends where I spent most of the time making sure that the things that will never be seen are perfect. Just take pride in what you do.
  9. galacticmonkey

    "New" car choice!! need opinions!

    Buy another Ram. I got one a few months back and its been a great truck so far. 2013 R/T.
  10. galacticmonkey

    Crossovers for pro audio?

    ITT: I learn that 99% of car audio "enthusiasts" dont know the difference between a LPF and a HPF.
  11. galacticmonkey

    CHEAP JL Audio 300/4

    Pic? PM me one.
  12. galacticmonkey

    WTB: JL Audio 8W7

    Nobody? Bump.
  13. galacticmonkey

    WTB: JL Audio 8W7

    Looking for one of these at a reasonable price. Local to the Tampa Bay area or shipped to 34655. Whats your price?
  14. Why not just have the front battery wired into the rear bank?
  15. galacticmonkey

    Ford Excursion Build

    Had to sell it, unfortunately. Got myself a job so I can afford a new truck. Here she is. A 2013 Ram R/T. Got it with like 12 miles on it, now 3 weeks later, I'm pushing 1700 miles. Lots of driving.