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  1. vaiboy

    Help with 4 terminal speakers - what are they?

    Two terminals are for the woofer, and two are for the tweeter there should be a passive crossover hidden in there too. You can replace them with any 5.25" speakers you want but you will have to remove the crossovers and run new wires.
  2. vaiboy

    Pioneer HU

    The 601 has HD Radio, two camera inputs and a remote.
  3. That amp has a switch, set the "Input Sel." switch to "A" then you only use "Line In A" no Y's needed.
  4. It depends on the amp, some amps have a switch for 2 or 4 channel input, others require Y adapters, that info should be in the manual.
  5. vaiboy

    Negative ohms at amp

    The DMM uses a small current from it's batteries to calculate the resistance. When you hook the speakers up to the amp, something in the amp is supplying a small current which is enough to mess up the readings from the DMM.
  6. vaiboy

    5 channel amplifier ?

    If you don't care about the budget, there's a brand new JL Audio five channel with built in DSP JL Audio VX700/5i - VXi