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  1. intrigued. Never run any Fi stuff, I missed that boner tip years ago. Details?
  2. what are you looking to get out of her?
  3. I just relaized that I typed 3.25 and not 2.25cu. btw. I was like "bruv, chill"....If a solid sub is offered I'll consider upping for sure. I figured I could net a nice used driver in this range for my application. I've seen them come and go so, I'll wait it out, not foaming just yet.
  4. Word. Was built for a Flatlyne, did pretty well in there too. Given the size, I was thinking the Z series might be a good fit but.
  5. Looking for more of an SQL driver, if possible. Going to be running on consistent 1700 daily @ 1ohm in 2.25cu @ 33hz. Don't care if it's a frankenwoofer or an OEM. I only care if it works well and doesn't have any glaring cosmetic issues that will worsen. Ideally I find an IDMax, Sundown SA and Z series. My budget is definitely under $250 (depending) shipped to 32771.
  6. bump - Flatlyne still available.
  7. $250 shipped - heck of a deal on this baby!