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  1. Oh wow. Yeah these are little bad-*** amplifiers!
  2. Amplifier is in protect mode. I used this amplifier for about a year and then one day it just went into protect. GREAT AMPLIFIER, it is SMALL! I have no idea what happened. I have always taken care of my audio equipment. I have not done anything to it. Cosmetically it could use a wipe up but otherwise is in excellent condition. If you know how to service amps this could be a really easy fix. Free Shipping. 100% feedback. $50 OBO PRECISION POWER PPI P600.2 2-CHANNEL 600 WATT RMS POWER CAR STEREO AMP AMPLIFIER 709483038189 | eBay
  3. Very solid american built amplifier. Has been sitting for a couple of years. Great condition other than a few minor scuffs, please see pictures. I recently tested it & it works as it should. See specs below. $150 OBO, Lowballs Ignored. 100% Feedback + Free shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks. Diamond Audio D3 800.1 Class D Monoblock Amplifier Underrated car audio FASTSHIP | eBay RMS Power Output: 1 ohm: 800 watts x 1 channel 2 ohms: 610 watts x 1 channel 4 ohms: 300 watts x 1 channel Wired remote sub bass control knob included Variable bass boost Variable low pass crossover Remote turn on with soft start PWM MOSFET power supply Low AM RFI and auto protection circuits Gold plated terminals Aluminum heat sink for efficient heat dispursion Low profile / compact size for limited space installs Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz Input Sensitivity: 250mv.-5v. High Level Input Sensitivity: 500mv.-5v. Power Supply Operating Range: 10.8-15.6 volts Dimensions: 12"L x 8-1/2"W x 2-1/4"H
  4. I have two of these for sale. I will sell as a pair, or individually. They have been sitting around for quite some time. Both were working in great working condition before shelved. I have also tested both before listing for sale. These are some of the best budget $200 15" subwoofers on the market. Ive seen these suckers in many setups over the years. Cosmetic condition wise I would rate them about 8/10 or so. Need a quick cleaning on the cones from sitting. New on ebay they go for $200, I will sell them at $175 a piece or best reasonable offer. Lowballs ignored. Feel free to ask any questions. Shipping from Maryland. It's been quite a while since I have been on this forum, but searching my history will show my feedback. Features: 15" Subwoofer, with crazy power, and the best sound quality 2,000 WATTS TOTAL OUTPUT 750 watts RMS Frequency Response: 22 Hz - 500 Hz Sensitivity: 86 dB Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Version Mounting Depth: 9 5/8" Kevlar re-enforced Pulp Fiber Cone Assembly Santo-prene Rubber surround material stops un-wanted vibration noises and ensure clean sound Dual Voice Coil Design Cast Aluminum Frame This sub is vented and transfers the heat out of the sub so it stays cool at all times Concealed Mounting Gasket System Enclosure Recommendations Minimum Sealed Box Volume: 1.75 Cubic Feet Maximum Sealed Box Volume: 1.75 Cubic Feet Minimum Ported Box Volume: 2.9 Cubic Feet Maximum Ported Box Volume: 2.9 Cubic Feet Alpine SWR-1522D 15" 2000 Watt DVC 2 Ohm Competition Car Audio Subwoofer Sub 793276620774 | eBay
  5. krisfnbz

    Alpine SWR-1522D

    legit guy, sold to me local. Nice car, nice sounding system.
  6. Ok, so I figured out the 80prs cars issue, it was minor. That problem is solved. However, my gf's car has a very big annoying whine and im stuck. My car was very very minor, her car is obnoxious. This is what I have done to the car. Upgraded the battery ground with 2 gauge wire, sanded down contact point. Ran a new ground wire directly from the battery to the radio, also grounded the RCA's of the back of the radio with that same ground wire. Ground spot for the amplifier in the trunk is the rear strut bolt which is also sanded down. Her headunit is the DEH-X6500bt. Im pretty sure that when I wired the car 4 years ago that I wired power and RCA on opposite sides, but im not too sure. I also put int a ground loop isolator just to see... and that absolutely nothing. The only thing I can think of is to put a different non-pioneer radio in and see what happens.
  7. good question, never even thought to do that. Im pretty sure I have a rca to 3.5mm jack laying around somewhere. I will try that and come back with results. im assuming if I still hear the sound it has to be the amps ground, and if I dont it has something to do with the headunit.
  8. I normally have not had many issues over the years with alternator whine, or static through the speakers. Its kind of annoying. I can only hear it when there is no audio playing and the radio is on. this is what I have done. I grounded the 80PRS headunits RCA's, ran a new ground wire for the radio straight to the battery, and sanded down the ground location for the amps in my 02 civic with the rear strut bolt being my ground. Anything I missed? Any pointers? Its not too big of a deal considering I can always just turn the radio off when nothing is playing, and I cant hear it once it goes past volume 10-20~ anyways.
  9. need a 4 channel that will bridge to do 240x2 going in a friends budget system to power a set of comps and a single 12. the cheaper the better, ideally would like to spend around $50. so far this is the choice: New MB Quart ONX4 60 480 Watts Onyx 4 Channel Class AB Power Car Amplifier Amp 806576216995 | eBay if anyone has an old amp lying around cheap that will do the power let me know. or if you know of a cheaper off brand amplifier that will put out the same power let me know. thanks.