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  1. Etac

    Jbl s3?

    Hey everyone, Just curious if anyone has any experience with the JBL S3's. I'm in the market for one or two subs that can push around 800 watts total. I haven't been on these forums in years... So any other current popular suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Etac

    speaker design recommendation

    hey guys i just wanted to say thanks for giving me some other things to consider, the links, and pointing me in the right direction.
  3. whats up ppl, I used to be do a lot of car audio stuff, but I never messed around with HT too much. I am currently looking to design a nice set of speakers with some left over equipment I have. I'm planning on building either floor standing speakers or some decently sized book shelf ones. Per side I'll be using: 2 x Peerless 6.5 HDS Woofers Peerless 831735 6-1/2" HDS Driver 299-281 1 x Vifa Metal Dome Tweeter The Madisound Speaker Store As of right now I do not have a sub woofer for this, however I will most likely be adding one eventually. Now, I mainly have two questions. 1) Would it be better to have both woofers play the entire mid-range or would it be better to low pass one at around 220hz (or other) to add more warmth and depth at cost of some effiency. 2) Would it be better to port the woofers at around 53HZ using a smaller box, adding more mid bass to blend with the sub woofer... or is it better to design a larger box with a lower port frequency to obviously add depth? I know these might be a couple noob questions, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. actually its for a set of house speakers (i know not car but still same thing) im matching a tweeter/mid to a woofer.. and i need to bring the tweeter down 9 db's.. i know i could use an L pad but i was just gonna try to add inline resistors to do it. edit: actually i do htink im doing it wrong, the way im doing it would be for parallel wiring and not series... series should just be three fours in a row.. i think?
  5. did you think of that all by yourself or did someone help you with that?
  6. long story short.. i need to bring down a 4 ohm speaker down 9 db's using resistors.. how much resistance would i have to wire in series to accomplish this? 12? (16 with speaker)..?
  7. hey sorry about the noob question but i wanna double check before i finish these boxes tomorrow. When you do multiple ports and it gives you the port length.. thats length per port and not total, correct?
  8. Etac

    dropped_mazda SCAMMER

    at least hes finally be banned i see.
  9. i love how james always treats everyone like a piece of shit, trust me its alot more complicated than a couple clicks on the balance knob. i guess maybe my problem isnt the left speaker because it seems like its coming in front of me, maybe ts the right hten cause it seems like its coming from the side. yeah i can get my setup to sound like the left speaker is playing ontop of the dashboard, and the same for the right speaker, but it sounds fkn retarded like i said, its like beig at a show, with the worst seats ever.
  10. no offense but that was like the topic on the first page lol anyway i gotta get some sleep people... hopefully this is still up in the morning... i think another problem with me is also, i dont listen to rap, i like hearing the cymbals ect... but i think that also draws alot of attention to my tweeters which might be the problem.
  11. phasing might be an issue, i have the CD i just never messed around with track 3 really (i know what you're talking about) but like is aid, its not how it sounds, it sounds great., but the direction it sounds like its coming from, off axis, on axis, a pillar, kicks, mirror triangles whatever i try.... is far from balanced. and if a real front stage.. consists of me sitting in front of the left speaker... then.. i dont want a front stage.
  12. yes on the home audio, sounds fine cause the speakers are placed in the right spot, no i never heard a real *sq* car before. but like i said many times, i think alot has to do with my car itself, putting the tweeter in the kicks or pillars whatever.. is basically even with my eye ball, i have almost no room ti play with, its RIGHT in front of me.
  13. ok i thought it was a fact, the higher you try to play, the more directional it becomes right?
  14. but like i said its not only the signals voice that is a problem, its everything, and probaly more so on "non mono signals" like is aid in a previous post.. if the left instrument plays out only th eleft speaker, it sounds like its coming in front of me.. and the right speaker will sound like its coming from the right of me.. basically it seems like im at a show, with the worst seats ever.. and just so everyone knows, i respect your arugments and points, even if i am wrong in every way.
  15. which is true, but so can freqency.