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  1. ThomasG

    What would you do in this case?

    We got it figured out. FI BL it is. Now I just need to decide on some comps that can run off the stock 450 watt system. Any recommendations? I'd prefer to spend less than $300.
  2. ThomasG

    What would you do in this case?

    I have an FI BL 12" but was told that needs more space from the audio shop I went to.
  3. ThomasG

    What would you do in this case?

    I have 2.5 cubic feet to work with.
  4. ThomasG

    What would you do in this case?

    The Hatch is 40"Length 24" depth and 16" tall
  5. I need some recommendations. I own a veloster 2016 and I don't want to take up more than 50% of the hatch. I have a 2200RMS@1ohm amp. https://www.hyundaiusa.com/veloster/index.aspx Without taking more than 50% of the hatch what do I install? I'm thinking two shallow rockfords http://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-P3SD2-12-Shallow-Subwoofer/dp/B00852YVAA/ref=sr_1_1?s=car&ie=UTF8&qid=1443015814&sr=1-1&keywords=Rockford+Fosgate+Punch+P3+P3SD212 Also what components would you recommend that I can power off the stock head unit? The car comes stock with a 450 watt system. How much of that goes to the comps idk.
  6. ThomasG

    Need H/O alt!!!!!

    I bought a 200A from Ohio gen for 380 shipped. Tenny alternator had the best prices when I was shopping around. I went with Ohio gen though cause of their rep and they shipped the next day I ordered.
  7. So who do we all use now for box designs?
  8. Ended up going with OHIO GEN. Tenny had the best price but his ETA was too long. Thanks for the recommendations everyone.
  9. ThomasG

    Can a FI BL take 2200RMS Daily?

    That's what I was thinking that or a BTL if a BL can't handle 2200. Anyone know how much a DC XL goes for brand new? I didn't see prices on their site.
  10. I have 2200rms of power, two batteries and a 200a Alternator. I'd like to be able to freely blast my music with a clean signal of course and not have to worry about blowing my woofer. Will a single BL be able to handle this?
  11. Thanks man just called them any other recommendations would be great.
  12. I need a high output alternator for my ford focus Zx3 2003. I am running 2200rms with two batteries so I'm guess I would need 200A give or take? I can't find anything so if someone could link me up to something I'd appreciate it thanks.
  13. This is what I'm thinking. The electrical wire came off the ends leaving wires exposed. One of them is corroded pretty bad.
  14. O ****. Could this happen from jump starting? I had to jump start the **** out of my car this morning cause I left my lights on. Just read this on Wiki... Cranking current drawn through light-gauge cables in this way will damage them by overheating; electrical resistance of a smaller wire is higher than that of a larger wire, and resistance dissipates electrical energy into heat.
  15. The wires to my amplifier were not hot at all. However the wires for my car from the positive were all very hot. They even melted the battery and their casing's as you can see in the video. I am baffled. Could wire corrosion cause this because there is some corrosion on the wires.