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  1. Infinite baffle in the rear deck
  2. dumple

    Power output of Hyundai amp

    not worth keeping thats how much
  3. dumple

    Bluetooth louder wtf

    turn the phone volume down..
  4. dumple

    Android 7.0 and Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX

    go into the usb settings and take pictures its some times a pia to get it hooked up correctly, ive noticed on the 8100nex you have to set the usb setup before plugging anything into the usb
  5. dumple

    Custom TC7 10's - For Sale

    Run them shizzles ib!!!
  6. dumple

    Double Din + Active + cheap ???

    Just buy a minidsp 6to8
  7. Take a router bit and flatten a few mm deep off by the middle section of the dowel rod, cut the other in half wood glue together done...
  8. dumple

    Need some superb Tweeters!!!

    Actually I used Microsoft visio
  9. dumple

    Need some superb Tweeters!!!

    has an h800, running passive xovers and 4 6x9s take this advice with a grain of salt.... second thought dont take it at all. lets start by saying what will the tweeters be mated to are you using a dsp do your have capability of changing the xover are they going to be on 2 channels (left,Right) or 4 channels 1 foreach tweeter? What are you expecting from them? Do you have a midrange speaker playing 300-4k? Are you looking for vocals? Do you want a tweeter that can play down to 2500hz? lots of variables here. If your have a loud spl set up a regular tweeter is likely useless to you. And Unfortunately super tweeters is what you will need.