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  1. sandbags

    Upgrade for 2013 Ford Fusion

    there's a stock amp in the trunk, you'll have to do some manuevering to find it, buy a line out converter and tap into wiring to get your pre outs
  2. where did you run the power wire?
  3. shocker super extreme w/ 15" basket, have a D1 recone for it as well 100 w/o recone 200 with shipped
  4. sandbags

    I need a good 15" d1

    Cadence Daytona RVC D1 with another D1 drop in recone $300 shipped
  5. the problem with 4runners is that they peak really low, i used several different boxes and it always peaked at 38hz... brutally loud but not meter loud. my high was a 148.6 @ 38 with 2 15s
  6. sandbags

    got a package today

    Thank god right?
  7. sandbags

    hdc3 or Z

    You need to empty you inbox
  8. sandbags

    2 Cadence DCX 12"

    Yes and only trade would be a jugg 15 triple stack motor
  9. sandbags

    2 Cadence DCX 12"

    $500 shipped need these gone
  10. sandbags

    3.5k decisions decisions..

    Just ordered my MMATS 4k, should have it tomorrow... that would be my only choice of amp
  11. sandbags

    wtb- pair of 12s or motors

    2 Cadence DCX 12s single 2ohm model, same motor design as DD95G
  12. sandbags

    F/s mmats d3500.1

    bump to the top, $525