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    I'm American Indian and I grew up poor on a reservation in mid Louisiana....when I was 12 I dropped out of school to goto work to help provide for my family....with hard work I was able to help them and provide a decent life for myself till the economy fell....
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    DD Dave
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    Piney Hills of Louisiana
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    unemployed for now and doing almost anything for monies.....
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    Car audio...girls....and my Rides :)
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    I run many systems because I own many vehicles...I am not partial to one brand and love to try new

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  1. I tried looking for PMs but for some reason they aren’t working through my phone ...
  2. Louisiana_CRX

    WTB: Can somebody build me this?

    I can build one .. i have a nice fabrication shop .. Do you already have the gauges and cupholders ? Unfortunately my PMs arnt working through my phone ...
  3. Louisiana_CRX

    whats every one sippin on this Friday night?

    Gin & juice...
  4. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School Roll Call

    I think im in most car audio groups on FB but i havent been on FB in about 5 years
  5. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School Roll Call

    I have some sweet Hifonics mid size Warrior series that would be sweet in an old school Benz i have the complete series .. being a German car you may be interested in some of my Blaupunkt collection .. as well .. i like running old school Blaupunkt setups in my Porsche’s...
  6. Louisiana_CRX

    Pioneer KEH-M

    My PMs are messed up whats your number ill text i was messing with my very nice Pioneer KEH M4500 this past Thursday
  7. Louisiana_CRX

    Any vintage Kicker?

    I have several items for sale .. speakers amps eqs .. im trying to thin my collection out most is mint..
  8. Whats your number ? Ill text you this new format isn’t iPhone friendly so i seldom get on here anymore ...
  9. Louisiana_CRX

    Pioneer KEH-M

    I have a few
  10. Louisiana_CRX

    anyone know witch wire is positive/negative

    The one going to biggest connector .205 is positive the one going to smallest connector .110 is negative
  11. Louisiana_CRX

    Best 8" Sound quality sub

    Alpine type R shallows you cant go wrong
  12. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School Roll Call

    I still pop in from time to time ...
  13. Louisiana_CRX

    WTB 3-3.5" midrange

    If your still looking .. i have some ...
  14. I still have a nice one for sale .. earlly Zeff