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    I'm American Indian and I grew up poor on a reservation in mid Louisiana....when I was 12 I dropped out of school to goto work to help provide for my family....with hard work I was able to help them and provide a decent life for myself till the economy fell....
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    DD Dave
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    Piney Hills of Louisiana
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    unemployed for now and doing almost anything for monies.....
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    Car audio...girls....and my Rides :)
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    I run many systems because I own many vehicles...I am not partial to one brand and love to try new

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  1. Got any xtant amps or hex stuff?

    1. Louisiana_CRX


      I have a few amplifiers but they are in need of repairs 

  2. Louisiana_CRX

    1 sub at 2krms or 2 subs at 1k/each - opinions?

    I’m putting together a single DD 9512G on a DB Drive PD 2000.1 in my Ford Probe right now ..I decided I needed the extra trunk space so I went single 12
  3. Louisiana_CRX

    best deck pre-2000

    I may be selling my CDX C90 soon ..I haven’t decided yet
  4. Louisiana_CRX

    best deck pre-2000

    I may be selling my CDX C90 soon ..I haven’t decided yet
  5. Louisiana_CRX

    best deck pre-2000

    I have a 7949 but it’s having a cd issue the radio works fine
  6. Louisiana_CRX

    best deck pre-2000

    I think I have one somewhere..but it needs a ribbon cable as most
  7. Louisiana_CRX


    An ice cold case of Fosters would go well during most installations
  8. Louisiana_CRX


    Xtr2500.2 RMS Watts @ 4 Ohm Stereo 14.4V: 750 Watts X 2 Channels RMS Watts @ 2 Ohm Stereo 14.4V: 1250 Watts X 2 Channels RMS Watts @ 4 Ohm Bridge 14.4V: 2500 Watts Total Power Watts: 5000 Watts Frequency Response 10Hz~65KHz +/-1dB Signal Noise Ratio: 95dB Hi Pass Freq. 50-1.5kHz / Low Pass Freq. 500-15kHz
  9. Louisiana_CRX

    Tweeter placement

    I’ve seen some dashs that could use some towels..
  10. Louisiana_CRX

    Kenwood KFC-W12PS for $30 ??

    I wouldn’t mind one more nice -g1 10 myself
  11. Louisiana_CRX

    It's time for the SS amps to retire

    playing with the camera I can see it making differences I can’t wait till I can experiment with a radio shot again ..thanks Jeff
  12. Louisiana_CRX

    Amp Suggestions - $50 to Spend

    I’d still rather have the punch 45
  13. Louisiana_CRX

    Kenwood KFC-W12PS for $30 ??

    I looked at mine it’s a g1 10 not 12 ..it’s the only Boston sub in my collection
  14. Louisiana_CRX

    Kenwood KFC-W12PS for $30 ??

    I’m sitting on about 100 subs currently..I haven’t counted in a while though
  15. Louisiana_CRX

    Ford Probe enclosure...

    @disturbed471985 Do you recognize your old enclosure?