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  1. BreakingBad

    Transaction between myself and rebelfromva

    I'm honestly tired of going back and forth with you. Even like the above commenter said, the supposed damage could've been done while you were attempting to install it. I'm not saying you were, but it is a possibility. I work in a pharmacy, my time is very valuable I don't have all day to bicker on online forums. Bottom Line: 1.) The battery you have is damaged. There is no way to prove that THAT SPECIFIC battery was the one I sent you. You will say 'yes it is, i am not trying to scam you!' and i will say 'not saying you are, but there's no proof that's my battery.' What leads credence to this is the fact that I have pictures showing a battery that looks nothing like that. Yes, I could have taken a picture of a different battery and sent a bad one, that is just as much a possibility as you fudging an install and trying to get your money back after you f*cked up. 2.) This has turned into a he-said she-said, pointing fingers game. I don't have time for this, I manage a pharmacy and am using my break time to help YOU. 3.) You specifically accepted responsibility no matter what the situation was. If i sell you an iphone but send you a pile of **** in a sock and you said 'Hey, cool, i'll deal with it'...you literally accept the fact that although it wasn't the right item and a pile of ****, you're cool with that. You accepted my shipment and said you would deal with it. It wasn't till later you mentioned a spinning post and other issues, so at this point it is more of a reasonable position for me to believe that the battery you have was not the one i sent and/or was extremely damaged during an install. 4.) There is literally no point in discussing this any further. This isn't like someone purposely 'got you' for $500, even if you do absolutely nothing with this battery, you're out 60 bucks dude...chalk it up to a bunch of bad circumstances and move on. Keep in mind the battery was tested and fully functional prior to shipping, as tested by me and an installer. If you would've accepted my method of shipping, you could've filed a UPS claim and possibly got reimbursed. There are a shitload of 'what ifs' and fingers being pointed, but all in all NEITHER of us can prove either of our sides of the story - but AGAIN, you accepted responsibility after receiving the package which completes the deal. I'm going back to work then out of state for the weekend.
  2. BreakingBad

    team nutz - pittsburgh

    No problem. Check out auto illusions. Even auto addictions on 51 apparently does 'ok' work and i would recommend them before team ballsacks
  3. BreakingBad

    Transaction between myself and rebelfromva

    Yeah, at this point it leads me to believe that the battery pictured by rebelfromva is NOT the one i shipped. I was there when the installers uninstalled it, i packed it all up myself and took it home. There was no chipped post, there was no melted posts, etc. I'm going to stand by my claim that doesn't even look like my battery, and I hope this isn't some sort of scam where dude has an older shot battery and trying to get one over on my by receiving a good battery then returning me a defective one.
  4. BreakingBad

    Transaction between myself and rebelfromva

    This is again a he said she said. Done.
  5. BreakingBad

    Transaction between myself and rebelfromva

    It doesn't matter man. You specifically said in a PM you understood the situation and that you would deal with it. That right there negates any responsibility on my end and leaves it up to you to repair. No matter how many pictures you post or claims you make, the situation is you accepted the item with the apparent 'defects' and said you'd handle it. You can't change your mind after you've accepted responsibility. Keep in mind you are grasping at straws saying the battery you got wasn't the one in the picture and that it HAD to of happened prior to shipping. What about you getting the battery and screwing it on a bad install? Not pointing fingers but you need to understand this is now a he said she said, which I've attempted to avoid. I would've seen a melted post before I shipped it out. You've had the battery in your possession long enough to have caused those issues with say, a rushed install or improper install as that only takes SECONDS to happen. No amount of bickering back and forth will change anything. I posted this to say my peace, and I have.
  6. BreakingBad

    FS: Sundown Audio SAZ-3000D

  7. BreakingBad

    FS: Sundown Audio SAZ-3000D

    pm's sent
  8. First and foremost this is simply a thread to openly discuss how this transaction was completed and what the end result was to avoid any he said/she said issues. This isn't a positive outcome for the buyer apparently, but unfortunately due to the circumstances surrounding the purchase there's not much that can be done: Was contacted by rebelfromva to purchase a Deka G31 battery I had for sale. Retails over $200+, was selling for $65 + shipping (@68lbs). After a few PM's Jon decided to buy the battery. I provided a total cost with shipping, but rebelfromva insisted I use his shipping service - which apparently was via a friend or contact who had access to shipping via UPS freight, or something similar (this was not the typical UPS ground). I received a UPS shipping document at my home address to send the item and shipped it from my work location. Anyway, item was generally overlooked to ensure no obvious issues (item is pictured in my thread), packed in a sturdy box with tons of bubblewrap. We exchanged #'s/gave him my work cell to ensure nothing went wrong. I kept in contact during every step of the shipping process to show good faith. rebelfromva received the item, and around 10PM I received a text (on my work phone for that matter) saying the post was 'broke off' from the battery. i ask a few questions, eventually receive a picture message (this is around 11PM) and although I was in bed I attempted to assist him with his concern. after seeing the picture message, the post wasn't in fact broke off, the top of it had a 'chip' as if someone was using a wrench a bit too hard, dropped it, etc. there didn't seem to be any indication the battery was non-functional and had plenty of room for a terminal. this conversation goes back and forth for a bit, but i explain to him although I didn't take a magnifying glass to the item before shipping, i believed it to be non-damaged prior to shipping (as image indicates). later that night or the next day ( i can't remember which ) i receive another text saying the OTHER post was 'spinning in place' and he couldn't get the nut off the post. I immediately thought 'does he not realize he can use a wrench to hold the post while he unscrews the nut?' - keep in mind, this is me assuming the battery was damaged somehow. After bringing all this up, he specifically said in a PM 'it's cool, he'll 'deal with it' just didn't know what to do (essentially saying deal is completed, he understood the issues and would resolve himself). I took a decent amount of time and found him multiple resources online on how to replace posts in a battery, other options if he didn't want to attempt a fix himself, he can file a claim with UPS as UPS may have damaged or dropped it in transit, that he could re-sell it if he didn't want to fix it, etc. Due to the extreme weight of the item and the fact that there was no insurance purchased on the item (due to him insisting on using his own method of shipping) along with the fact there is no way to 100% positively indicate where the 'damage' occurred (prior to or after shipping), I explained I cannot accept the item back due to those reasons. I also explained I did not see any damage upon my inspection, and the battery pictured in my thread was the one that i shipped to buyer (as i had 2 for sale). After more PM's, rebelfromva would essentially not acknowledge most of what I said and would reply back as if we hadn't discussed anything as far as getting his problem resolved. After sending him an almost 1 or 2 page response to explain what his options were, he simply responded 'i tried calling places nobody will fix it now what?' - even knowing I JUST sent him a message letting him know other options (ups claim, resell it, etc.) I went above and beyond to help him because i understood that the item was apparently in non-perfect condition, with the possibility of it being damaged after being received. Item WAS tested with multimeter and functional before shipping. From his responses I believe he was simply ignoring my help and trying to elude to myself being the source of the damage rather than acknowledge my help, understand the situation, take responsibility and deal with it like he promised me in a previous message. I DO want to stress that his payment was prompt, communication at first was good, but the second issues apparently arose, the quality of the interaction on his end went downhill. I do not believe this warrants a negative review for rebelfromva, but at the same time I personally wouldn't do business again because of the negative outcome (not necessarily his fault). I do feel though rebelfromva should have attempted to think more about his options, acknowledged my help and stood by his word that he would 'deal with it', especially after he refused my shipping option (which was with insurance). He has not asked to return the item, but I did explain that returning it was not an option due to the circumstances. I also was essentially forced to stop responding to his PM's because they were erratic, again not acknowledging my responses and was basically pointing fingers whether directly or indirectly. I advised him I was considering the deal over with, completed, primarily due to the fact there is no way to know where supposed damage occurred, he declined my shipping (which would've had insurance) and told me he would deal with it himself.
  9. Yes, one has been accounted for. One remaining. PM for shipped price on the remaining battery
  10. some have shown interest, but no for-sure buyers yet. still available!
  11. BreakingBad

    FS: Sundown Audio SAZ-3000D

    still available!
  12. Both batteries tested with multimeter, but i inadvertently packed the one away to ship before i snapped a pic, but i do have the one: batt 1: 12.56 batt 2: 12.58 1 month without charge asking $65 + shipping (2 separate boxes @ 70lb/piece via ups ground, avg rate is around $40-50 per battery to most areas, but PM for accurate price) no trades ready to ship as soon as monday prices are non-negotiable
  13. BreakingBad

    FS: Sundown Audio SAZ-3000D

    of course, i can meet anywhere in pittsburgh