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  1. street b explor

    wtb:American bass vfl extreme 12

    http://www.caraudio.com/forums/car-audio-classifieds/500544-atomic-subs-rf-subs-termlab-laptop-dc-120-4-nib-%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C%5C-2.html I have some apx 12`s dual 1.3 real nice subs link to post if intrested.
  2. street b explor

    SQ in the Northeast?

    I know your not that old and you can read un less you lost that much weight and you stomic is eating your brain. SQ hahahahaha lol lmfao. :0)
  3. street b explor

    SQ in the Northeast?

    lol sq hahahaha lmfao sq hahahahahah ok im cool sorry ha
  4. Chris Mcvay. Just texed me and asked is I can pass the word. He is trying to set this up for next week. For the family of Ohio gen Gus. We will know more about this in the am so keep eyes posted for this one. Show will be at ultimate edge. In Oswago NY for more info you can reach him at 1-419-386-8360 its for a good cause. Thanks guys and girls. Update..........Show will be sat only start time is 11-3 ultimate. Edge oswego ny 5842 Rt 104 E. zip13162 call chris for more info thanks.
  5. street b explor

    Tnespl finals - team elite

    Come on steve Crunch time is the best time to build gives ya somthing to work for You can do it build that *****..
  6. street b explor

    Tnespl finals - team elite

    lol what where you live you should have no probs testing lol see you sat a few of us going up to watch and take some vids.
  7. street b explor

    Tnespl finals - team elite

    ya called Xtreme loud audio i did the cs 130 mount for that car when mike owned it also it will fit the cs144 but it will not work with the cs130d seens how they dont make it in that style ear config and no one i meen no one builds stators that do any thing worth it to fit this alt in there. But all He would need to change to fit the cs144 in there is to do a slight mod to the top slider mount easy fix. The alt thats on there the cs130 the case is out of a chevy cavi and the stators & rotor were all hand wound and balanced and wound 225 amps and im sure 280 amps is not that hard to see if i put it on the test bench at my boys shop with a 800 amp load off the carbonpile if he could get the right 55 amp recitifier it needs. I gave chris the part # he needs to get the recitifire. If i can recal that far back its has an internal regulator. If he builds it external like mine he should have no probs at all with the car running. I can get my 12 volt batterys to see 17.8 all day. Nate did you see popo hit me up need that #?
  8. street b explor

    NESPL & Boomer McLoud SPL & SQ shows

    It's been a few weeks since I have been on here congrats Jason on the 150 plus box is looking good with some more work I'm sure that louder number your looking for will pop up...... keep the hard work up Bro....
  9. street b explor


    Today was a fun day. I would like to thank our Team mate Team X.L.A Last Minute Rob. Had some good times brother. For sure a fun day we had Lots of complications but it was all fun as ****. Thanks bro. Congrats on the 156.6 and backing it with a 156.3 Im sure when things get done its going to fun. Congrats to Keith with a 166 plus. And kumar with a 168 flat. And to the others congrats
  10. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    Hahahahahaha. Were good I'm glad you think your loud. I'm not realy impressed.
  11. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    Im outty i have school work to do see ya on sunday we can talk then.
  12. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    I hate it when others have to awnser for the one being ? so on that note chris The ? is where is the bracing done. i dont see it in any of the pics i have so it must be in the roof.
  13. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    wow wtf is wrong with this supper street WHY NOT JUST CALL IT SUPPEr The street went out the door.
  14. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    and for the legal # 150 well the reason i say that it wasn`t done on the judges tl or at a show. like dave sead it was done in his driveway its all good im not doughting ya but legal is at a show.
  15. street b explor

    SICK GV For Sale

    Im just suprised they let you threw with the doors like that in NW seen how it was a big thing lfor 2 yrs at finals and where is this steel braces.