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  1. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Glad someone has a good experience
  2. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Couldn’t agree more!
  3. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Exactly! Three different representatives told me the same thing. I will never deal with them again directly.
  4. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    I’ll get my refund, I paid thru PayPal. And mine also still says processing.
  5. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    That is the email I got for them today, yet I see nothing mentioning a refund 😡
  6. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Don’t think, just enjoy,lol. Called again recently. Representative said it was packed up and eating for ups to ship. Said she wasn’t sure why they haven’t sent the package out yet but she would contact them and update me. Everything you ordered was in your package?
  7. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    So you got a tracking number from ups? make sure you let us know when your package arrives. Ive called them a few times asking for an update and checking on my order. still says "processing" on Jbl website. Everytime I got a representative, they were foreign and I had to listen carefully to understand what they were saying. I started to feel like it was all shady.
  8. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    That’s s^cks! I called them today and she said my order was being ready for shipment😡. ill prob getting an email as you did
  9. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Just got off phone with Jbl. Everything is legit, they said my order was fine and will be shipped soon!
  10. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Im hoping man! Will report back if I receive a tracking number or updates
  11. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Same here, no email confirming shipment yet. And order status on jbl’s site still says processing.
  12. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Well, I shall soon find out if its legit. Just ordered the 4 channel and mono amp for $20 each. And while I was at it, went ahead and got a pair of the shallow mounts for $24 each. Figured if Im not pleased, Ill sale them on offerup or something.
  13. Ridinhi

    Basic home stereo questions

    ok guys, found my problem, the manual that came with my receiver was only like 10 page booklet. Went to Crutchfield site and realized I could download like a 100+ page manual. Didn't know about the eq,crossover,etc because of the small manual that comes with the receiver. The menu to the xover and eq , I had to use the remote because there are no buttons for that on the receiver itself. Soo, I got the speakers sounding a lot better!!