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  1. Good to see some old heads in here.
  2. dvrmstrng

    8" Shallow Mount 2ohm

    Over 4" in depth.
  3. Just picked up a 2001 Tahoe for a daily and am losing my mind trying to get the audio system functioning. Currently it has an older Panasonic BT Double din Mix and match speakers in the doors A rear factory sub that isn't working but a factory amp that has power. Does anyone here have any experience with similar vehicles, I believe most Tahoe's Suburbans and Denali's have a similar setup. If someone wants to PM their name on FB I have photos of basically all of the wiring saved for easy sharing. Thanks.
  4. Under 4" mounting depth, 8" needs to be SVC 2 ohm or DVC 4 ohm for a final 2 ohm load. Nothing crazy just replacing a factory subwoofer in a 2001 Tahoe.
  5. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    Will do. Doors are completely deadened and entirely sealed, spent several hours on each door. I know the sound of VC slapping, I once way over powered a set of rainbow mids. I will keep an eye (ear) on things. This setup now sounds amazing.
  6. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    So I drove around like this (weekend car so not too much) and just put up with the fact my 7" mids had absolutely no bass. Although I've been in the car audio world for a while I conceded and thought maybe I had set expectations too high. Today I finally went outside and messed around some more and sure enough it was an issue with my 900.4 I don't know what I messed with (I already had the xovers set to full) but something changed. I now have great output from my Daytons. Out of curiosity, how long could these things hold up being cross at 40hz/12db slope? Down that low at moderate volume, 25-30 on my 80PRS, they are now making enough bass/midbass for me to not even consider needing a woofer. At 80hz there is just a litttttttle left to be desired. What do you guys think?
  7. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    Didn't have time yet. That was just with some different genre of music.
  8. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    So I came home, bumped the the high pass on the mids to 63hz/12db and cranked some Dave Matthews Band (usually its rap, dubstep etc that I am playing) and the setup actually sounds fantastic. The kick drum is literally so impactful you can feel it in your chest. I think with some more tweaking I will enjoy the setup for now and think about a sub in the future.
  9. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    I don't doubt that, there is plenty of room. This is built, massive cam, straight piped weekend car, I really just wanted some simple setup with a moderate budget (spent $100 on my 900.4 versus running two amps or a 5 channel) and obviously the RS180s and tweeters via ebay were cheap. Just debating if I want to dive in and do a full setup for a car that sees probably 2k miles a year.
  10. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    Original paper drivers were shredded, this is in my 2000 Corvette. And no, not yet, the car isn't even totally back together (door panels still off, etc). I haven't touched EQ or TA. Still messing with xovers and slopes. I will use this for a while and then decide on doing speakers in the rear quarter panel spot or doing a small sealed sub. I originally went 2 way active with a small 4 channel to keep the budget down. For now though Ill accept the fact im not going to get sub bass out of my mids and raise the xover to 80 or 100hz with a 12db slope and go from there.
  11. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    Is it possible to have a 2 way setup that gets into sub bass frequencies? I don't mean sub like output, but at this point I would have enjoyed a stock like experience more than what I have now. I never intended to run a sub in this car.
  12. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    I will check tonight. My 2008 Trailblazer's stock system (junk 6.5" in doors, 3" in dash and 5.25" in rear doors) sounds like it has subwoofers compared to this new setup.
  13. dvrmstrng

    New Active setup, not liking it.

    I will make sure they are in phase tomorrow, but I am pretty sure they all are. No. Don't plan on one either. I just thought there would be more bass output (bass, not midbass) based off of reviews. The high pass at 25 was just for testing. Realistically i'll likely set them to 60hz with 18db slope or 80/12.
  14. Setup is a DEH-80 PRS Dayton RS180-P 4ohm mids Vifa XT25 tweets Doors were completely sealed and massively deadened. The mids are crossed via the head unit at 60hz/12db slope. Tweeters high passed as 2.5kz. Gains moderately set for now. In order to get what seems to be ANY bass out of my mids I have to high pass them at 25hz. I thought these were considered pretty beefy mids (sometimes called a 7" mid) and I have read threads that say they can hold some people over without a sub (no sub for me at the moment) because they have pretty beefy midbass. I have the RCAs setup correct (front on deck = mids, rear = tweeters). Any idea what else I could be missing? My amp is a PPI900.4 both front and rear set to "full" so the amp bypasses its internal xovers.
  15. dvrmstrng


    Snagged ChevyBlazin's but maybe someone else is looking for one.