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  1. Hey guys anyone got a kicker warhorse that they want to sell.
  2. Just checking to see if anyone have a rockford T15004 that they would like to sell.
  3. TwistedMayhem

    3 3800 kinetik batts

    give me price shipped to 38116 i need it asap and send ur paypal address
  4. TwistedMayhem

    WTB sd16k

    whats up guys im looking to a sd16k i got about 16 to 1700 to spend shipped.If you know anyone that have one for sale let me know.
  5. TwistedMayhem

    Amp repair

    Who can repaire a Memphis 4kw with a bad sound board.
  6. TwistedMayhem

    FS: (2) Sprinter S12V370F batteries

    i need one more do u got one more for me
  7. TwistedMayhem

    FS: (2) Sprinter S12V370F batteries

    Mines now lol:D
  8. TwistedMayhem

    FS brand new dc power 320sp alt

    What it put out at idel
  9. TwistedMayhem

    FS: (2) Sprinter S12V370F batteries

    Clear send me ur paypal address
  10. TwistedMayhem

    FS: (2) Sprinter S12V370F batteries

    any way u can do $300 on these if so send me you paypal address
  11. TwistedMayhem

    PPI 10k

    yeah that amp
  12. TwistedMayhem

    PPI 10k

    what do you guys think about the ppi 10k.
  13. TwistedMayhem

    FS: Memphis 4 Channel

    yeah this is one monster 4 channel amp.I have one and it sound so good on my ppi speakers.