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    Enclosures...making them, designing them...gotta have them
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    Countin stacks n runnin hoes
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  1. Pioneer~Saturn

    Pyle ftmfw!!

    I'm rockin pyles too, man (not joking) and theyre no joke for what they are/what I paid. Nice.
  2. Got pics from the install... It doesn't show off that kerf on the right side though
  3. I took the time to give you screenshots, feel privileged lol
  4. Pioneer~Saturn

    New build for Andrew2944r

  5. I did, that's what a really-rushed carpet job looks like :( literally was out the door after the pic was taken...I hate being rushed Thanks
  6. Alright, all finished up Terminal on the bottom of the box, countersunk and a 'channel' countersunk in it for wire... Doin work...wow, ugly lol All done
  7. Alright, this should be done tomorrow night...more progress from today... Quick throw-together/mock-up...almost no pieces mounted... More when it happens...
  8. It's mainly a different look, keeps it more out of the way, and the layout seems more 'directional/flowing' in my mind...placed in the rear-driver's side of a trunk it should load nicely and play well.
  9. Thanks, 30 And you would have your theoretical port length come out from the where the port begins getting larger, not all the way out but not all the way to the back either.