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  1. ThatChevyGuy

    THE Thread

    Indeed. Wasnt too bad.
  2. ThatChevyGuy

    MTX RT2200X real output?

    well f**k. it took a hard hit in shipping. needs repair...
  3. ThatChevyGuy

    MTX RT2200X real output?

    Ill try to get ahold of an SMD thingy ma bopper One. sometime, im curious now.
  4. ThatChevyGuy

    MTX RT2200X real output?

    Damn. I feel old.
  5. ThatChevyGuy

    best 12" for $100

    cough up another 20 bux and buy 4 of the Blaupunk 12s on walmart
  6. ThatChevyGuy

    THE Thread

  7. ThatChevyGuy

    Cheap power

  8. ThatChevyGuy

    MTX RT2200X real output?

    I have an old road thunder 2200x, has anybody used one bridged on subs? I know most of the old school MTX amps were underrated, some quite drastically... Says on the bottom cover: @12.5 volts, 4ohm, 1% thd= 400w rms @14.4 volts, 4ohm bridged 1% thd= 425w 'dynamic' IHF 202 rated Amp has 60a of onboard fusing Can I expect 500w RMS? Your opinion? Not much info online. Thanks
  9. I read and searched for quite a while, I finally found the Info I was after and educated myself more on the subject. Post can be disregarded now, thanks guys
  10. Indeed I do. But Infinite baffle is just a large sealed enclosure basically, right? Manufacturer specs are 5.5 cubes each for sealed enclosure on these I have 8-9 cubes max for space. I don't have a trunk, and im doing a very low budget setup. 2 18" is a lot of cone area (and I paid $99 for both) It should have decent enough output for me. I'm just trying to understand more about how the drivers are going to behave in my alignment before hand Capiche? Thanks
  11. I'm using a Free Air (IB) subwoofer, it's more like a home audio driver It would not do well ported I believe, most IB subs dont. I prefer sealed over ported For my listening and music preferences I'm trying to make the best with the equipment I have Guess I'll just build a 4 cube sealed per sub box then play with a 5lb bag of polyfil if I'm not happy. Thanks
  12. My past experiences with polyfil yielded amazing results. 15" in 2.25 cu ft SEALED with about 2 lb (iIRC) of poly REALLY brought the lows out It made the sub behave as it was in a bigger enclosure
  13. ThatChevyGuy

    best 12" for $100

    Qpower super deluxe Audiopipe txxBD2 Skar SDR