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  1. ThatChevyGuy

    Adding Capacitor to my amps

    Put a car audio battery (shuriken, kinetik, juicebox, etc) near your amps. Research how many amp hours you need for your total wattage application. Cheap, effective.
  2. Hello all! I am about to install a small system in my daily. Its an '05 suburban with stock electrical system. I am going to do the big 3 and install a 1200w rms amplifier. From my experience with this era of GM, I'm gonna need a secondary battery to help my voltage. What would happen if i put a 14v audio battery near my amp? Would it charge properly? Am i better off with a 12v? Thanks for any input!
  3. ThatChevyGuy

    Q Power Silver 12" sub specs?

    250w rms. Real low end sub.
  4. ThatChevyGuy

    Decent budget 600-750w amp at 2 ohm

    I think i've decided on the soundstream pn1.650d
  5. ThatChevyGuy

    Decent budget 600-750w amp at 2 ohm

    Im looking for suggestions for a decent quality 600-750w rms 2 ohm mono amp. My subs max out at about 350w rms each (old school coustic 15s). Im just after some nice sound from a lower power setup. Any amp suggestions preferably under $120? No boss or similar please. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, what year is yours? I was hoping it was 49-50", crap... What amp do you have under rear seat?
  7. Like i stated, I am unable to go measure it myself, currently. I have had 3 major surgeries and am confined to my bed for a month or so. I'm trying to keep my mind off things and design a box and order amp and subs, meanwhile. I can't wait a month to know the dims, it's gonna kill me. Thanks
  8. Hello all, I recently picked up a new to me vehicle. Anyhoo, I'm ready to plan a new build and start ordering amps/subs and box plan. I googled it for a while but couldnt find what i needed. How wide is the rear cargo area panel to panel behind the 2nd row seats, i guestimate 49-50"? Also, what are about the max dimensions for cramming an amp under the rear seat? I have had a major life event recently and i am unable to go measure for myself. I greatly appreciate any help!!
  9. ThatChevyGuy

    FS: BB1350.1 good power!*!**!

    These are some of my favorite amps. They favor high rca input voltage