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  1. yes this is where capacitors have the upper hand, quick charge and discharge. however, for audio amps, batteries are quick enough. and temperature?additional batteries are usually housed inside the cabin.
  2. PSturmer

    Cant decide what wire gauge

    4 gauge is fine and distro block unnecessary
  3. PSturmer

    DD9512 enclosure

    buy a 4" port from psp-inc and run that. slot ports are no good, especially ones with bends in them.
  4. lets answer a question. how large of a capacitor do we need to store the same amount of energy as a standard car battery? energy_cap= .5*capacitance*voltage^2 energy battery= amp-hour*voltage assume voltage across capacitor 12V, and use 80Ah and 12V for a car battery one car battery= 48,000 Farad capacitor
  5. this is completely wrong. it's the size of the capacitor that is the issue. a 1000 farad capicitor is worth something
  6. PSturmer

    port help?

    half the port width when you split it. port length is measured along center of port
  7. PSturmer

    digital designs 9512i

    ya that's good. if you have lots of power then make it a little smaller
  8. if space limited then why you jumping to higher order? just port that ****.
  9. PSturmer

    2 alts or 2 batterys?

    run a full ground, upgrade the wiring to the alternator, and then 1 aftermarket battery on the stock alternator should be fine. i used to run 2000 rms in explorers with only a group 74 yellowtop and stock alternator. if you wanna do more, do a second battery before a second alternator. and a second alternator is kinda of silly. you would first run an upgraded alternator (which is a complete overkill for your setup)
  10. PSturmer

    Any events in the Seattle area?

    why does this place **** so much for audio?
  11. PSturmer

    New build- I need help deciding!

    comparing two subs on paper (in terms of SPL output) is extremely difficult. i woulnd't pull anymore than 1000 watts.
  12. PSturmer

    New system for my 1999 Toyota 4runner

    what are you looking for? bass that gets low and can be heard from 2 blocks away? you're vehicle is a terrific platform for a system. however it won't thrive unless you've got enough cone area. personally i'd throw two of these in it: Alpine SWS 15D4 Car Audio 15" Dual 4 Ohm Type s Subwoofer Sub Woofer SWS15D4 793276011824 | eBay
  13. well what you should do is plug three ports, so you have just one being active. then what you wanna do is study the air velocity. play a song with a lower frequency and turn it up and see how much air velocity there is. yes there are formulas to calculate the port area required, but that is just a "general rule of thumb". in reality what matters is the air velocity. if the port air speed is too low the box will sound hollow and not get low, and if the air speed is too fast then air turbulence and box impedance rise can be problematic.
  14. PSturmer

    straping two amps

    basically the load needs to be in series. so if each amp would see a 1 ohm load from a sub, when theyre strapped you want the pair of amps to see 2 ohms
  15. Some of the paint ended up coming off. With really high humidity and time constraints we had to paint without giving ample time to let the primer dry. Bass knob, volt meter, and some switches: Rear wiring: Very happy with the overall look of the system. Turned out better than I had imagined. Put together a small video. Didn't get much footage though. Subs seem to have more mechanical and thermal potential. Without clipping the amps the subs barely warm up, and when not playing anything under 30Hz they only exert about an inch. Perhaps a future upgrade will be to swap out these amps for two 3500's.