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  1. Thanks for the help guys...I'm gonna go with 4.5-4.75 cubes.
  2. Gonna be in a GMC Sierra, ported w/60" port area, tuned @32 hz, two 12" CVXs, 2000w @ 1ohm. I just was wondering how many cubic feet I should give the CVXs? I don't have any experience with them..
  3. Lil_KB

    Thegreatestpenn Feedback Thread

    Good buyer, quick payment and a smooth transaction. Would gladly do business with him again.
  4. email sent. hah nah, thats just the "junk room" where all random shit goes..
  5. Got a roughly 13 ft. run of Hyperflex....it's just been sitting in here collecting dust for like 2 years...need to get rid of it.
  6. looks good man, clean install.
  7. Lil_KB

    got some numbers today!

    Nice numbers, and nice looking setup man.
  8. Lil_KB

    One sexy lookin' headunit...

    Ehh...it's alright. x2. Love my 8gb flash drive..
  9. Lil_KB

    ITS_A_SLEEPER feedback......

    Good guy, true to his word. I held stuff for him for a few weeks and he came through on the payment like he said he would. No reason to hesitate doing business with him.
  10. Lil_KB

    headbussaboi scammed me

    his second felony charge...he got 10 years probation in 02.
  11. looks good, get some more pics when he puts the 4s on it..
  12. Selling a slim PS2...everything works perfectly, I have a PS3 so i have no use for this.. Comes with: Guitar Hero Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Need For Speed: Carbon Also, this PS2 is modded so it can play custom/copied PS2 games. I'm including the Swap Magic 3 disc which is needed to launch copied/custom games. It also comes with normal A/V cables, component cables, 8mb memory card, wired dualshock controller, and a wired Guitar Hero guitar with strap. Some of the games are scratched a little, but they all work fine. I'm asking 175 shipped + PP fees for everything. OBO, make offers. I am willing to seperate, just shoot me a PM. Not accepting ANY trades, need money.
  13. Lil_KB

    How many db's have you endured???

    153-4ish on music, 2 15" Mojos on 4kw...