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  1. SRim23

    Kenwood DNX 8120 Problem

    If a wire is burnt, any clue why it would work after being reset? Is it maybe shorting all over again every time it's turned on and off? Again, I don't know how any of that works so I'm just guessing. And it was a caramel machiatto... probably more sugar than coffee. Hahaha
  2. SRim23

    Kenwood DNX 8120 Problem

    Kind of what I was trying to avoid. Opening it up makes me a little nervous, hence the year long procrastination. Lol I know my way around installing but that is where my knowledge of electronics ends really. Was hoping maybe a clue of why magically killing the battery and pushing reset has it working intermittently. Thanks for the tip. Since I know there's a little life left, as a last resort I'll definitely do it. For a year I just assumed it was a lost cause.
  3. SRim23

    Kenwood DNX 8120 Problem

    This is going to be long, please bare with me. I'll add cliffs notes but I like to explain a little more. A year ago a coffee waterfall poured down my gfs dash and over my DNX 8120. Immediately the screen goes dark, stays powered on but no response from buttons. A few days later it still powered on/off, eject button opens the screen as normal, still a black screen. Assume it's dead, chalk it up to a loss. Fast forward a year of procrastination and just life in general, still the same. Powers on/off ,nothing on screen, still opens. Girlfriends battery dies in her car and she gets a jump. Immediately radio comes back on and the unit asks for the password, works just fine like nothing happened. Next morning, start the car, back to previous symptoms. Push the reset button, works just fine. Now every time you start the car HU only works if you reset it. Ideas? Something simple to fix? CLIFFS NOTES Spilled coffee on HU Screen black but unit powers on Year later battery dies, once jumped HU works Reset button needs pushed every time car is turned on for it to work. Help me out guys!
  4. I've been out of audio for a few years but now I'm back. I need a suggestion on components. Here are the parameters: -6.5 set -Handle 150 rms a side -$250 to spend Suggestions? Any and all help will be appreciated!
  5. SRim23

    IVA-D900 Help!

    Yep, Hu comes on. Starts playing all sources. Sends power to all the amps.
  6. SRim23

    IVA-D900 Help!

    No one has an opinion?
  7. SRim23

    IVA-D900 Help!

    My girlfriend has an alpine IVA-D900 in her car. This HU has been in this car for years without issue. Just the other day she complained that the sound started going in and out. Then one day she heard a funny noise, and then everything went silent. Things I've checked: All 3 amps are getting power, no fuses blown All wires are tight There is no sound from any source (ipod, radio, cd) When I have a little more time I'm going to take my HU out and plug it into her car and see what we get. Didn't have the time tonight to try it. Any ideas?
  8. SRim23

    winter bad for subs?

    Ive given this some thought and I gotta figure the cold has to have some effect. how much effect I dont know, but a little. I mean I gotta assume that maybe the parts could become a little brittle from extreme cold. I know the HU's Ive had that had motorized faceplates moved super slow on startup until they warmed up.
  9. SRim23

    Can I go active?

    If you can't look at the specs of the unit and tell if you can or not I'm going to advise that you don't. Going active isn't just something that you do and things just magically sound better. Even if you know what you are doing its usually a painful process of trial and error switching in and out different drivers. It's also a neverending tuning process. Basically what I'm saying is if you don't really know what ur doing, it's not a good idea. Not trying to be an ass, just being honest.
  10. I had the exact same thing happen. It was an issue with my ground. I cleaned it up (corrosion like mentioned above), even moved it to a spot I thought was better and havent had it happen in over a year.
  11. matching the body paint would be silver. so go silver?
  12. anymore opinions? I'm very indecisive, even on little things like this.
  13. SRim23

    Kenwood KIV-700 bypass

    with my kenwood DNX8120 all I had to do was ground the parking brake wire. No need for a bypass.
  14. eh, thats exactly why the blue was kinda just a third option. not really sure i want them to "stick out" necessarily. i just like blue so i made it a choice. haha
  15. So I'm going to be replacing my rotors and pads on Friday and I figured why not paint the calipers when I had them off. Only problem, I can't decide on the color. What do you guys think? It's the car in my Avatar. Black Duplicolor BCP402 - High Performance Brake Caliper Paint Kit | O'Reilly Auto Parts Silver Duplicolor BCP403 - High Performance Brake Caliper Paint Kit | O'Reilly Auto Parts Blue Duplicolor BCP404 - High Performance Brake Caliper Paint Kit | O'Reilly Auto Parts