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  1. scooter924

    2002 Grand Prix Gt wiring

    Dont mean to hijack your thread, but just wondering where the other GP owners grounded their amps in the trunk?
  2. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Yea I thought it was most likely a bad ground, I was just confused why I get noise with this setup and not with my old one. I never had this problem till I switched amps... I'll try moving the RCAs and see what that does... Thanks guys
  3. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Mines pretty loud too... Even with the HU all the way down I can still hear it... Sounds similar to the bass line of a normal song... But its there with no music...
  4. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Well I just got done installing everything and when I turned everything on I get a constant noise coming from the subs. I have 2 FI Qs powered by a Planet Audio 2250d. Previous to this I had a US Amps MD2D powering the Qs. The Md2 blew, and I replaced it with the 2250d. Thing is, the subs seem to play a constant note all the time, even when the music is all the way down. And Im also getting really low voltages when setting my gains, like 4-5 volts. I can only get it up to the 40v range when I have loud on my HU(880prs) and bass boost on the amp all the way up. I know, I dont want to set my gains with all that on, and I didnt the first time, I only did to see if it would raise my voltage. So my questions are what could be causing the noise from the subs, and why am I getting such low voltages? Thanks guys
  5. Ok well there seems to be a debate about mixing batteries. Right now I have a 34/78 yellowtop under the hood, only 3 months old. I was wondering if I could install a group 31 in the trunk. Would I have issues with one draining the other? Thanks.
  6. scooter924

    Just installed my subs...

    and they sound great. Two 12" Qs powered by a Md2, 5 cubes@29 hz. Only thing is, now my speakers dont work:mad:. When I drove over to my friends to install it, everything was working fine. Once I finished installing the subs, none of my speakers worked. I was thinking it might be a setting on my headunit (Pioneer 880) but after messing with it a while they still dont work? Anyone have any ideas???
  7. scooter924

    Amp connections

    Well I am almost done with my install, and I have a quick question. I have a Md2and two D1 subs that I wired to a 1 ohm load. So now I have two postive wires and two negative wires, and I was wondering if it mattered how I connect it to the amp. Do I twist the two positives together and the two negatives together and use one set of outputs, or do I wire them all separately and use all the outputs on the amp. I know this is probably really easy and stupid, but thanks.
  8. Well I have some Karma Kable that I was cutting today for my subs. After cutting the outside jacket off a certain piece, I noticed that I had cut too deep in some places. There are a few spots where the blade went through the outer jacket and inner jacket of the wire, and the wire is exposed. Will this hurt anything, should I scrap this piece and use a different piece? I think if the wire is showing its no good, but my friend that is helping me install it wasnt sure and said it might not be a problem.
  9. Well I need plans for a pair of 12" Q's. It will be in my 2000 Grand Prix used as a dd. I was thinking about 5 cubes at 28 hz after displacement. My dimensions are 16 tall and 35 wide. Pm or post if you can help, thanks.
  10. Has anyone had to build their box inside their trunk due to it being too large to fit in? I am currently in that situation. I am trying to plan everything out to see if it will work. The box is 5 cubes net, but the opening of my trunk is really small. I dont think I will have room to screw it together from the outside, so I was going to use L brackets as support on the inside. Would glue and L brackets be sufficient enough to strengthen the box? Thanks for your help.
  11. scooter924

    Amp for my speakers

    Hey I just picked up some new speakers for cheap from a friend. They are the JBL power series. The 5.25 are rated at 55watts rms and 165 peak and the 6x9 are rated at 110 watts rms and 330 watts peak. I know they arent the greatest speakers but i got them for real cheap. Only thing is that they need an amp to run them properly (they come with an outboard crossover). So i was wondering what the best amp to power these speakers are for around $200. Thanks.