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  1. scooter924

    2002 Grand Prix Gt wiring

    Dont mean to hijack your thread, but just wondering where the other GP owners grounded their amps in the trunk?
  2. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Yea I thought it was most likely a bad ground, I was just confused why I get noise with this setup and not with my old one. I never had this problem till I switched amps... I'll try moving the RCAs and see what that does... Thanks guys
  3. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Mines pretty loud too... Even with the HU all the way down I can still hear it... Sounds similar to the bass line of a normal song... But its there with no music...
  4. scooter924

    Weird Sub Noise

    Well I just got done installing everything and when I turned everything on I get a constant noise coming from the subs. I have 2 FI Qs powered by a Planet Audio 2250d. Previous to this I had a US Amps MD2D powering the Qs. The Md2 blew, and I replaced it with the 2250d. Thing is, the subs seem to play a constant note all the time, even when the music is all the way down. And Im also getting really low voltages when setting my gains, like 4-5 volts. I can only get it up to the 40v range when I have loud on my HU(880prs) and bass boost on the amp all the way up. I know, I dont want to set my gains with all that on, and I didnt the first time, I only did to see if it would raise my voltage. So my questions are what could be causing the noise from the subs, and why am I getting such low voltages? Thanks guys
  5. scooter924

    i want 4 LOUD speakers 900.00 budget

    You can find info on the germs at their website http://www.rainbow-car-audio.de. You can also search the boards on here, you will hear great things about them. These are BNIB, asking 400 OBO-price negotiable. I also have a BNIB US amps md22 if you are interested.
  6. scooter924

    i want 4 LOUD speakers 900.00 budget

    Hey I have a set of Rainbow Germaniums for sale. They are brand new, never used. I bought them but now am a little short on money and they need to go. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. scooter924

    2 "15 MTs in a Grand Prix trunk

    Well I just got done building a box in the trunk for my grand prix. I have two 12" Fi Qs. I would suggest planning everything out really well, and you will prolly have to use the spare tire well (I didnt). Just remember to take your time, cause once its in there, you cant really take it out. LOL and remember to take the spare and jack out, something I forgot, which sucked when I got a flat last week
  8. scooter924

    Mixing yellowtops

    Yep, gonna fuse at both ends
  9. scooter924

    Mixing yellowtops

    Yep, still in high school . And I can run these together in parallel without the need for an isolater?
  10. scooter924

    Mixing yellowtops

    Wow, thanks for the quick reply
  11. Ok well there seems to be a debate about mixing batteries. Right now I have a 34/78 yellowtop under the hood, only 3 months old. I was wondering if I could install a group 31 in the trunk. Would I have issues with one draining the other? Thanks.
  12. scooter924

    ~1400-1500w @ 1ohm

    Well I may have a Us amps MD2 for sale, underrated 1500 at 1 ohm if your interested
  13. scooter924

    mdf rings

    I just bought a pair of the 6.5 inch rings, but my rainbows dont fit
  14. scooter924

    Battery Question.

    OK, thats what i thought. I was plannig on it, but in the kinetik manual it doesnt show another fuse between the 2nd battery and the amp. Just wanted to clarify, thanks.
  15. scooter924

    Battery Question.

    Hey when running a second battery in the trunk, i know you fuse at both ends of the wire. But do you also fuse it from the trunk battery to the amp?