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  1. CrazedCat

    competition worthy???

    Should have never returned.
  2. CrazedCat

    Dropped on coilovers

    Thanks man. Fenders are cut so no rubbing at all. I'm still playing around with the drop...you're right, as it is now there's a slight rake. If anything I might drop the rear slightly and tuck it a little more to get that "classic" drop look. I've got 10mm Rogue Engineering spacers on the front...honestly I could probably get away stepping up to 15mm.
  3. CrazedCat

    Dropped on coilovers

    Workin' on DPE's....
  4. CrazedCat

    Dropped on coilovers

    STIFF but I'll sacrifice a little comfort for the handling & looks Thanks man bwahahaha. maybe... I got them from Turner Motorsport. They were running a SICK deal...$999 for the coilovers PLUS rear camber arms AND rear shock mounts. Normally all this is around $1600.
  5. Took her down on some H&R RSS ClubSport coilovers... 2-tone interior project:
  6. CrazedCat

    BMW 528i

    I said it COULD pull it off, not definitely HAVE them. Read.
  7. CrazedCat

    BMW 528i

    I agree. BMWs & chrome wheels DO NOT mix. Especially on a sedan. An aggressively modded M could maybe pull it off.
  8. CrazedCat

    Xxx Eaten Alive :(

    LOL I just read his PM. Sorry Bones!
  9. CrazedCat

    Xxx Eaten Alive :(

    The bad doggie
  10. CrazedCat

    Xxx Eaten Alive :(

    It's ENOUGH. There wasn't a scratch on this thing.
  11. CrazedCat

    Xxx Eaten Alive :(

    Fu¢k! I left my office door open and went out and came home to this. My bulldog PWN me On the floor for a few hours and this happens. MINT '04 XXX MANGLED!
  12. CrazedCat

    Best 10" sub for low power sealed enclosure

    dconder is selling an IDQ 10" v2 in the classifieds for $80 shipped in the classifieds section. EDIT: you're SOL it was just sold
  13. CrazedCat

    I need a XXX 12" 04/05 model d4

    I have a MINT one I'm not using but it'd be a B!TCH to ship.
  14. CrazedCat

    My BMW......

    http://forums.bimmerforums.com Check out the PARTS FOR SALE section forum. Lots of guys parting out e30s.