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  1. neonrt

    2 8'' vs 1 12''?

    Really depends on the install, but the 12 has more cone area, and the fi-q's got fairly loud. I would go perhaps 2 -10's if you are looking to downsize but perhaps go sealed to save space. On a side note i would bet the 12 fi-q would be significantly louder
  2. neonrt

    Did the installer set my amp up properly?

    Depending on the amp itself, there should be voltages displayed around the gain knob. Starting high at like say 10 going down to .5 or around at max. If you dont set it with a dvm set at just slightly below where 4 volts would be around the knob. That would be pretty close to where it should be. That allows you to run your hu where you want and not have to worry about turning the sub setting up, as it would be 4 volt preouts at max sub output. at 0 would most likely be half if its a linear curve. The amp should be set to lp, low pass crossover for the subs so they only get bass frequencies/, the fronts could be set to full or hp, high pass crossover or full sound. the crossover frequencie should be able to be set on the hu itself, but if not you can use hp, high pass crossover to set the frequency on the amp at which the front speakers will start to play. usually 50-80hz. The sub should be set to the same as the fronts, ie if the fronts are set to 80hz, the sub should be as well to properly blend the music. It sounds like you are a novice at this time, so i tried to break it down for you a bit, but its no rocket science, trust me. Do a bit of research and in no time, you will have the knowledge to set all your own equipment all the time. Cheers Kevin
  3. Well i have been thinking for a long time about getting rid of my sealed sub box for my maw 15 and going with an ib install behind the rear seats in my neon. Im sold on that idea at a minimum but today after talking about it with a buddy, i am thinking about possbly doing the same ib style instal behind the rear seats, sealing everything up and running 2 ports in through the rear deck to turn it into a large ported box. I know there will be leaks around the trunk weather striping, but most of the air should go through the ports as there is less resistance there. is this a viable idea or should i just simply go ib and be happy, either way i gain my trunk back so its a win win for me. anyone tried to actually turn their trunk into a large ported semi leaky box, lol. thank to all who have expertise in this area. Kevin "edit" - im thinking about tuning to 28hs with 2 4" ports a bit over 5" in length each.
  4. Hey all been a while, but i have a slight issue. I just installed a high output alternator in my car. Now i get a high pitched whine sound just from my alternator, not through my speakers at all and only when the rpms go above 3000. I checked the charging and its right at 14.4 volts give or take at all engine speeds, its putting out the right amount of amps that it was tested to do. Problem is i have no experience with high output alternators, but have heard this is normal, but want to make sure. Can anyone lend me some advice on this?, Has this happened to you, and is this in fact normal with high output alternators. I have the big 3 done in 1/0ga as well before anyone asks. Thanks in advance for any help here. Btw i did search but i dont think its working, i get nothing but a blank page for results.
  5. neonrt

    zapco amps

    dont waste your time, from what he has posted, he truely believes that all amps of equal wattage sound the same. i say lets humor him and recomend he goes out and buys a boss amp at the same wattage as his amp. bet it will sound just as good. and to boot he will save money. lol
  6. neonrt

    Rockford Fosgate T10001bd @ .5 ohms

    quick answer if it does not rate at .5 ohms in the specs, then chances are its a no no to run at that ohm load.
  7. neonrt

    Amp Specs

    if its cutting out, chances are it really is not 2 ohm mono stable. its a 2 channel amp to, and most of them are not 2 ohm mono stable, but 2 ohm stereo stable.
  8. neonrt

    amp for fi q $150

    for free you could plug it into an electric socket. for $150 i assume you want a used amp am i correct in this assumption?
  9. neonrt

    Remove power steering = more power?

    I say leave it off. if you can hack the hard turning at low speeds. While driving you barely notice the difference in hard steering, but the feel is much better. Power steering is for wimps. I noticed a nice gain from removing it. most likely around 5hp freed up(it does not create hp from removing, just frees up wasted hp)
  10. neonrt

    what ever happend to this sub.

    kenwood had a sub like that as well. they are more of a statement rather than a practical daily driver. i guess if you are into that grab one.
  11. neonrt

    pic of my groundpounder!!! 18 10's in trunk

    i bet it hits some decent #s, lol. 18 10's have no choice, lol.
  12. neonrt

    Intalled subs, somethings wrong wtf

    If you had some pics it would be helpful. If you feel confident like you know where it should go, then try and fix it. if not, take it to someone that knows.
  13. neonrt

    Hi everyone!

  14. neonrt

    How Bad is Insignia from best buy?

    the amp is decent. it puts out more power than a "900rms" sony amp at any load. never saw or heard the subs, but the amp does close to rated. try one for yourselves and compare with a similar rated amp.
  15. neonrt

    louder bass on outside of car?

    ^^ double post ftl