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  1. So here is the old build 05 Tacoma DBL Cab Build - DIYMA Car Audio Forum I liked it but wasn't in love with it. I didn't like having kicks. I wanted to use a real processor and get good stage height, detail and musicality. H/U is still the Kenwood KDC-X995 Processor- Mosconi 6to8 Fron Stage- Micro Precision 3.16s (5 series tweeter) Amplifier- Audio System X-Ion 70.6 Subwoofer- Kenwood excelon 10in Wiring- Tsunami and custom RCAs Sound Deadening- Blackhole Five, Tiles and Foil Bedlined headliner New fog light mount. I'll fix it more in the morning. I haven't posted here in years but I got bit hard by the audio bug..
  2. stuckinok

    New Mexico???

    Let's have a meet!
  3. stuckinok

    Good Install Shop Albuquerque?

    I second High Desert Mobile Electronics .They are dealers for Mosconi, Focal, DC just to name few. In fact the owner runs Focal Utopias in his civic. Sick sounding and good people.
  4. stuckinok

    New Mexico???

    Whats a good date for everyone?
  5. Product Brand & Model: JBL Power C608Gti 6.5in Component Set Condition of all items: Brand New Total Price: : 200 Shipped Shipping Terms: : Free Shipping US only Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling. Additional info: I have this set and will never use it. Great set that is BNIB! Huge mids and overbuilt crossovers. I would love to use it but I dont see myself doing it.
  6. stuckinok

    New Mexico???

    Hell yes
  7. stuckinok

    New Mexico???

    Let's get a meet started..
  8. stuckinok

    New Mexico???

    Hey whats up guys... I live in Rio Rancho and would love to have a meet at the shop I work at part time High Desert Mobile Electronics. The owner and myself are SQ guys but I do have a SPL background. Let me know a date and we can get it set-up. Thanks, Jose High Desert Mobile Electronics
  9. stuckinok

    Transaction between me and stuckinok

    Yes money sent as promised! great guy here that keeps his word!
  10. http://simplicity.elitecaraudio.org/ Some of the best SQ/Stealth installs I have ever fap'd to
  11. stuckinok

    JL w7 or Fi Bl ??

    SQ and 1500 watts doesnt go together.... Get whatever the current forum boner is.
  12. stuckinok

    Transaction between me and stuckinok

    I shipped today bish so if I dont get mah monizes I am gonna Nail you prison style...
  13. stuckinok

    Transaction between me and stuckinok

    I can nail you?.......
  14. stuckinok

    What 6.5 mid is best for low end bass?

    They have very good mid bass response. They are around 40 each not per pair. Whe I had my set some people said Daym do you have subs in your doors? lol
  15. stuckinok

    Trying to get to 155db+ @ 151.6 now

    welcome to SPL