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  1. kodak314

    06-07 Impala Help

    umm.. i think your confused. 00-05 is a different style from the 06-present models. and a flip out or a double din will fit with no problem in the newer models.
  2. yea screw just a lil to close to the edge, but its all good.
  3. Double Baffle, Split front baffle, etc. Edges rounded over 1/4 inch for 2 Nightshade 12's and 4kw its on 1 aq at the moment and will try to get the other 1 in b4 saturday Thoughts? ill be at sbn!!
  4. i posted it on other sites so finally decided to toss it on here 2 12" D1 sundown nightshades 2 aq 2200d @ .5 ohm each 4 cubes double baffle, kerfed port @ 34 hz and this is a shot of the first 3piece put together with my new table saw. holy hell this thing is accurate. Strange looking end grain from lowes Lumber department.....
  5. what part of orlando you in?
  6. kodak314

    DC alternators CS

    3 days from mechman!!
  7. looks real good!!! are those tvs back far enough?
  8. 15s & 500.1 4 10s & 2 aq2200ds 12s & aqs
  9. wasnt skip running a pair of a ab 500?
  10. kodak314

    Toilet paper as a deadner

    and what makes it stick
  11. kodak314

    2010 Spring Break Nationals March 13th-14th

    yea, suppose to be building my box and installing everything on the 19th. you can come by and help if you want that is great, now i know what classes to stay out of
  12. kodak314

    2010 Spring Break Nationals March 13th-14th

    will definitely be there... what are yall competing in?