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  1. Item(s) for Sale: AR-15 Smith and Wesson 5.56 This gun is awesome! It is a breeze to shoot and a lot of fun. My favorite gun by far by financially can't afford to hang on to it anymore. Item(s) Description/Condition: Only ran 400 rounds through it so easily 10/10 It would be hard to find a custom gun like this at this price. email (best way to contact me) abalke91@gmail.com Price: $900 Thanks for looking ARMSLIST - For Sale: Customized Smith-Wesson MP15 Sport Great Condition L@@K!!! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will discuss at time of purchase would prefer local pick-up but I am willing to work out shipping as well Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  2. Fattony911

    Lost it all...

    Aww man just be strong man and keep in mind that it will pass. Find things that you enjoy to keep your mind of of it and keep on doing you.
  3. I traded my Powerbass ASA400.2 for his Alpine Type-R 12". I shipped first after having almost a week or more of contact and feeling as though I could "trust" him. Great communication throughout the entire deal. As I was submitted to the hospital mid-way during it and he held off on shipping the item (thank god because I wasn't home) until I responded to him confirming my address. Where as most people probably would have thought he's not responding so he must not want the item. Anyways after i confirmed my address he sent a confirmation # and the item was received thereafter. I had assumed it to be an older model used and abused Alpine Type-R, NOT AT ALL this was not only a BRAND NEW model/condition Type-R but He also included a BRAND NEW Rockford Fosgate Fuse and fuse holder I had requested (again thinking it would be used and not in the best condition) Anyways this experience was by far the best I have ever had here, on ebay, floridaspl.com, or any other forum PERIOD. He is a true model for everyone buying/selling anything on these forums and if he was local I would probably consider him a pretty close friend. Anyways if you have ANY doubts about doing business with this guy erase them immediately because he's a great guy and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again man. -Alex
  4. Fattony911

    BNIB Rocky S2V Goretex Boots super cheap

    Holy SHIT, are you looking for anything in trade or just cash?
  5. Fattony911

    WTB 1/0 to 4 gauge redusers

    Pm'd yah bro
  6. Fattony911

    SCIVIC94 scammed for $280 BEWARE

  7. Fattony911

    SCIVIC94 scammed for $280 BEWARE

    Just a beware to others not coming here for sympathy
  8. Fattony911

    SCIVIC94 scammed for $280 BEWARE

    Ps. giving him until the end of this month to make things right (more than enough time) considering it's already been over a month since I sent the MO and then I will be taking him to small claims :/
  9. Seller is shipping item this Thrusday, Iv'e asked MOD to please close.
  10. Fattony911

    newbee talk... LOL

    Would this mean a small increase in power handeling as well?
  11. Fattony911

    H2 3rd ROW BUILD

    As those subs break in they're just gonna get louder and louder
  12. Fattony911

    Questions on JL 13W6

    Yea that setup would be really nice. And in the future if you want more you can always add another one. What kind of box are you using with it?