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  1. I actually fixed this Saturday, but am just now able to update. I had a family medical issue to attend to. Turned out to be a bad ground. I did some reading elsewhere, and found many instances of people having bad grounds in Jeep factory wiring. I ran a new ground from the HU to the body, and no longer have the power loss issue. Thanks for the suggestions! geo ***Moderators, please feel free to delete this thread, if deemed unhelpful. Thank you!***
  2. I did use a harness. The harness that came with the hu, and a harness for a Jeep. I have installed head units before, exactly the way I installed this one. Never had anything like this happen!
  3. Hi all! Been a while since I've been the forum. But I have a problem I need to fix as quick as possible! I installed a head unit in a friend's 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, (Sony XPlod...not sure on model # ATM, but I can find it if necessary). All seemed well, until later on in the evening he turned his headlights on, and the head unit basically power-cycled, i.e. turned off, then right back on. It does the same thing when turning the headlights off...power cycles off then back on. Is there something I could have wired wrong? I wired the harness the same as I have any other time, and I have never encountered this issue. Bad ground, maybe? I didn't use the illumination wire (can't remember why right now, but I know I did it deliberately.) Any help is greatly appreciated! I hope to be able to remedy this ASAP, since it isn't my vehicle. Thanks in advance! geo
  4. geowick07

    Speaker size for 2000 Dodge Intrepid

    Thanks for the quick reply, Vossy! I appreciate the help!
  5. geowick07

    Speaker size for 2000 Dodge Intrepid

    Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted on here, but I have a question that I hope you can help me answer...so here goes! A friend of mine has a 2000 Dodge Intrepid and she wants/needs new speakers installed. She just wants replacement speakers, i.e. she doesn't want components or a sub/amp. I have been doing some research on Crutchfield (just research, not going to purchase from there...I know this!), and there seem to be no speakers that fit directly. So, the actual question is what size are the door speakers in this vehicle? 6 1/2" or 6 3/4"? Or do I need to use an adapter/bracket to mount them correctly? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  6. geowick07

    External/portable HDD issue...

    Power turned out not to be an issue AT ALL. It was a drive size issue. Partitioned the drive down to 80Gb partitions, and the HU reads everything fine. Works like a charm now. Thanks to all that gave feedback! Mods...issue resolved. Feel free to close this thread as you see necessary. Thanks! geo
  7. geowick07

    External/portable HDD issue...

    Power doesn't seem to be the issue. It seems to be getting enough power. It just doesn't see any music on the drive, even though there are almost 60Gb of music on it. Pioneer says the HU needs to be formatted in FAT32, which is what it is formatted in. It was originally in NTFS, but we formatted it to FAT32. geo
  8. geowick07

    External/portable HDD issue...

    He originally bought a 320Gb drive. He had issues, error code saying the drive was too large. So, after reading the manual, he found that the HU can only read up to a 250Gb drive. He bought that size, and the drive is recognized now, but says "No audio". geo
  9. geowick07

    External/portable HDD issue...

    Bump.... Would really like to solve this issue today if possible. Any suggestions? geo
  10. Hey guys! Search function is acting up for me...so I couldn't do a proper search. Please bare with me! A friend has a Pioneer 6000UB and a Western Digital 250Gb HDD external drive. Cannot seem to make the HU read the HDD. It can see the drive on the HU, but it says "No audio". Any ideas? Already tried a few things....but give me everything you have for troubleshooting. Thanks everyone! geo
  11. geowick07

    whats up from MI

    Welcome to the forum Be prepared to be flamed, hated on, teased, put down...anything that normally takes place in elementary school, takes place on a regular basis here. Good luck with the Jimmy! geo
  12. I have only had 3, and I am 28. The reason for the low number is that I had my license suspended for about a year and a half. Here's what I had: 1993 Dodge Shadow ES 1991 Buick Park Avenue 1993 Pontiac Grand Am (current vehicle) Shitty list, I know. But, they get the A-to-B job done! geo
  13. geowick07

    yall doodoo's ever buy from sonic electronix?

    I have made a couple purchases from them. Never had a problem yet. Definitely recommend. geo
  14. geowick07

    Project Black Dragon

    Looks good, so far. Keep it up! geo
  15. geowick07

    bass knob wire

    Check and see what fits. If you don't have the connectors at home, just take it to BB or somewhere that has both types. Test to see which it is. I had to remove my system from the last car it was in in a hurry, and had to cut most of the wires from the amp. Kicker amp. Uses a phone cable. Just bought a new one = no problem! geo