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  1. ArrizX

    2013 Civic SI replacement sub

    I dont think its an 8 in the deck. I think I will get two of those id8s and seal them up in the back, though. Always wanted to try some 8s
  2. ArrizX

    2013 Civic SI replacement sub

    Basically just looking for something to put in the back deck. I have some stuff I am gathering but I dont know when Ill actually put it all in so now I need something that gives a little more bass, and is free air... Whats a good little free air sub? I think its an 8 back there. I was just looking at either the ID 8 or sundown 8 but on the website the ID 8 doesnt specify that it can do IB, neither does sundown. Would either be good for the rear deck or should I look at something else? Entire 'premium' system is a joke at 320 watts so I dont know how much the sub will actually see, either.
  3. ArrizX

    Replacement ID tweets

    Well its not just the tweets... let me rephrase.. p400-2 hooked up to xover hooked up to tweet and comp speaker.
  4. ArrizX

    Replacement ID tweets

    I do not remember, and they are mounted right above the speaker on the door in a 2000 superduty
  5. ArrizX

    Replacement ID tweets

    So I blew a set of Image Dynamic tweeters on 125 watts at almost full tilt, no clipping. It was a sustained period. Anyways I need something else.. just wanted to try something new. Whats a good set for under 100 dollars? Any more then that I might as well rebuy some ID's. Thanks
  6. Lol I guess I could. I didnt plan on building a universal square box but might as well, its easier to just flip flop around.
  7. Thats fine. Thanks for letting me know, what about how to fire them?
  8. Have one SA15 ported right now. Going to get another, and go sealed this time. How much can I expect output to increase? I can only afford one or the other right now, its another am or sub. I am opting for the sub. I am going to wire up both subs to my single 600wrms amp untill I can buy another. It might **** but its what I can do for now. Anyways I dont care about the increase in volume as much as I want better sq over a broader range of music. I have an extended cab f350, I had a buddy tell me Ill get the best output in my truck by downfiring. This this true? Should I build a down firing box? I was going to up fire them towards the roof. Thoughts please, thanks
  9. mind sharing what drivers you have used ?
  10. might be time to have a box just designed and built for me when I get the truck, actually.
  11. The 15 is only on 600 watts which is why I am going to almost triple it. I highly doubt my 15 is at full potential, im not that good of a box builder. It does sound great though. Thanks for the advice I will get a hold of that guy and see what he has to say.
  12. Because the last one I tried to used I failed bad lol True. I mean similar in output. I really dont want anything less than what I had but close to will be just fine. I figure with the cabin gain from being so small I can be about there with a 10
  13. Perfect! ---------- Post added at 12:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:07 PM ---------- I kind of figured the sa10 would be a step down from the 15 since they have the same motor, right?
  14. Think a 4.0 would be ok at 1500 or should I get a 3.0 and set the gain a little low?
  15. I actually wanted to get it orderd up before I get the truck. I am fine working with abouts. After port and sub displacement I just dont see fitting a 12 so im going to stick with a 10 and be ready for the truck.