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  1. Mitch86

    $50,000 and an old tahoe... help me spend it

    So much for not being a douche... We get it, you have money. You keep referring to 50k as a "small amount of money" etc... You could just say you can afford it and ask for suggestions but in the real world where a majority of us live, 50k is a lot of money. For someone who isn't trying to be a douche or sound arrogant you did a really good job of it!
  2. Mitch86


    Sundown TEAM motor on a 24" sub anyone? I know, I know...it's built for HT. But look at that beast! BHS-24 24″ Subwoofer | Stereo Integrity
  3. Mitch86

    Bumping up SPL with 2 SA 12s

    If the enclosure is within spec and the amp is set correctly, not much else you can do without trying new enclosures and placement. Give them a few weeks and they might loosen up and be louder.
  4. Mitch86

    18" DD Z's

    You really should advertise/price these as motors/baskets because you know the recones aren't right. Pretty misleading to say one is "perfect" when it was built with the wrong size coil.
  5. Mitch86

    Silverado DDZ build

    He knows popwar is in the competition scene. You're just some kid on the internet. To him, you're not a threat to his business. So basically he knows who to take care of first to try to keep his name from being trashed. Let's be real here. It's time to just cut your losses and admit you got screwed from the start. You gave the guy chance after chance and you're never going to get what you paid for. Just start saving for the proper recones and be done with chasing Tantric because you're not getting anything from them.
  6. Mitch86

    Silverado DDZ build

    Good to know one of the recones worked out. Better be super careful slamming on that one in that huge box!
  7. I feel like the beauty panel part could have used some better planning/screw placement. The random screws everywhere detract from the overall clean look, IMO. Other than that, it's a really nice build! Not everyone's idea of great equipment, but as you said the owner had their reason and you made it work. I'm sure it's plenty loud! Good work.
  8. Nice looking truck. Outside speakers? No.
  9. Mitch86

    Silverado DDZ build

    Not to be a ****, but how did you mess up 2 drop in recones? Shim and glue...it's not difficult at all. If you shim it properly, there is really no way to mess it up.
  10. Mitch86

    Need Advice/Help on blowing Subwoofer's

    Google "gain setting tutorial." Get a DMM and follow the instructions. More than likely your gain is set too high causing clipping and blowing the subwoofers.
  11. Mitch86

    If you didnt already know

    An established business with as much coming in/out as is being claimed should have a shipping company who regularly picks up/ships to his location. Not someone running out and shipping off a package at the local UPS store whenever they feel like it. I've read enough about Tantric in a short time to come to the conclusion the man in operation is in over his head. He's taken on more than he can handle and now its excuse after excuse to paying customers. I wouldn't deal with them and I wouldn't believe the excuses if I was getting the run around like a lot of people are.
  12. Mitch86

    3 x 12" custom treo csx subs

    Why didnt I know you had awesome stuff and lived in the same state when I was heavy in to car audio? Lol Free bump for some unique custom subs.
  13. Mitch86

    Silverado DDZ build

    Yeah, it's probably not a good sign when a "company" tells you they can't refund the money you paid for a service/product because they have a negative balance. Why would he even admit that to a customer? Wow. Anyway, curious to see this all done. It's been an interesting build log... Lol
  14. That port is nice! Is that just a piece of wood kerfed in a complete circle?
  15. Mitch86

    flat dual inputs

    If i were going to make something like this, I'd round the bottom of the input into the amp and maybe some sort spot on top for the set screw of the amp to clamp down on better. Other than that, should work.