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  1. Mitch86

    Old School Roll Call

    Did the hobby of car audio die? I remember when CA.com had at least hundreds of members online at all times. The Thunderdome was the hang out for regulars. The classified section had any and everything you'd ever want, it you were fast enough to snag it before everyone else did... Now there's like 4 people and nothing for sale. I don't get how this place has gone so far down in the pits! I didn't frequent other forums, so I don't know what state they're in compared to like 2005-2010 when CA.com was a happening place...but it's surprising based on the past and the fact that car audio is/was so popular that this place could be so bad now.
  2. Mitch86

    Old School Roll Call

    Any muffins left?
  3. Mitch86

    Old School Roll Call

    What the dick happened to CA.com?!
  4. Mitch86

    Awe yea

    I was a garbage man for about a year. Found all kinds of stuff. Xbox360, Ps4, laptops, amps etc... And this was in a small town. I'm sure in a larger, wealthier city people throw away a lot of decent stuff. I didn't "dig through the garbage". Most of the time if someone was throwing away something like that, they just threw it beside the can. Made some easy money selling stuff I found a few times. There are also people that make a living dumpster diving. Getting old lamps, TVs, microwaves, figurines, whatever that people throw away and sell them. All profit.