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  1. cameronp

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    congrats corey and i got the new sub looks great hopefully i can find a twin for it, fast shipping and he also said he now accepts foodstamps lol
  2. cameronp

    profile california amp 640sx

    hey guys im thinking of getting this to run my highs in my car, what do you guys think of this amplifier?? good and bad feedback welcome a.. 2-, 3-, or 4-channel output b.. Tri-Way capable c.. 75 watts x 4 into 4 ohms d.. 110 watts x 4 into 2 ohms e.. 225 watts x 2 in bridged (2-channel) mode f.. requires 4-gauge power and ground leads - wiring and hardware not included with amplifier g.. continuously-variable high-pass and low-pass crossovers (40-130 Hz at 12 dB per octave) h.. 2-ohm stable in stereo i.. gold-plated high-current cable inputs for maximum current transfer j.. continuously-variable (0-12 dB) bass boost at 45 Hz k.. 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio l.. two 30-amp fuses m.. 13-3/4"W x 2-3/8"H x 9-13/16"D
  3. cameronp

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    hey corey empty your pm box
  4. cameronp

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    hey corey empty your pm box
  5. cameronp

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    i pm'd ya
  6. Hello im from the midwest, Columbus, Oh to be exact and im just wondering what are some brands i should look into trying to become a dealer all info is welcome also if you know there contact info is located that would be appreciated thanks for your input as i start my journey in car audio/video sales and design
  7. ive got 1 orion h2 10 inch if your nterested pm me
  8. i have a bnib orion h2 10.4 225 shipped never been powered
  9. cameronp

    WTB: Sweet ass 12" basket(s)

    i got a re sx 12 basket w/ motor still attached was gonna recone but goin in a different direction
  10. cameronp

    WTB a Sub

    i have a orion h2 10"
  11. this was really just the beginning of how to recone it wasnt like sum big wooptie doo
  12. first take rubber gasket from the basket cut around surround close as close to basket as possible w/ utility knife cut around spider as close to basket as possible w/ knife scarpe off materials and glue off spider landing and surround landing sand any areas that are rigid from glue doesnt take too long bout 15 minutes refer to the reconing tutorial to recone your speaker
  13. ok im bout to pull it out n take pics n postem in here n u can sticky them