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  1. Bump for an awesome deal. I just bought one of these (used). Wish I would have seen this!
  2. mastarecoil

    What do you guys think of this for starting off my HT?

    Look at http://www.av123.com for a great set of speakers for $220 (or $320 if you wait for the floorstanders. These are the best you will get for this pricerange. Excellent speakers, hope to own my own someday too.
  3. mastarecoil

    wtb Lotus By Seas speakers

    Watch out. This guy tried to screw me over on a sale, and now is sending me harrasing emails constantly. He is just a kid who throws a fit when he sees that the world dosent revolve around him. Doing any kind of transaction with him will get you a big headache real quick.
  4. mastarecoil

    Need sound in kitchen

    Just find really small speakesr you like and mount them under your cabients.
  5. mastarecoil

    wtb broken ipods

    How much are you offering. I have a third gen 15gb that dosent turn on any more. They go for around 50 on ebay.
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to make a post showing off the new stereo in my car. My dad and I worked all summer on this, just a few hours at a time, whenver the free time came up. Overall I am extremly pleased with it and am very glad we did it. We also put new cd player and speakers in his car, but it was all hidden so I cant really show pictures of that. This car is a 2003 Ford Taurus. The Taurus is designed a little differently than other cars. The "stereo" up front is actally just a bunch of buttons and a cd player, combined with the heat and AC controls. The radio and amplifier are in the trunk, in a box combined with the heating and AC controllers. You can hook up another headunit if you want, but it takes a $60 adaptor plate and a lot of unessesary work running wires. I didnt think it was worth the hassle, so I kept my stock radio and got a Navone LOC. I am sure there are many who will think I am crazy for not getting a new cd player, but it works pretty **** well. I am sure my system is 98% as good as it would have been without a new cd player and that sacrafice is well worth the several hundred dollars savings. I also got an aux input adaptor for the stock radio so I can hook up my xm radio and ipod. I put about 50 sq ft of sound deadening in the doors. 2 layers on the rear doors, 3 on the front. Would have done the floorboards and trunk if I had more time. Maybe I can finish that up in a couple months. I wanted to build a stereo that didnt hog my trunk, as I travel with this car a lot. I think I accomplished that pretty well here. I made the subs facing the rear seat, which keeps them save from my trunk contents. It also let me mount the amps facing outward, which gives a look I absolutly love. I also designed the box to be able to come out easily. The power and ground wires are on high voltage quick disconnects and all the speaker lines are wired to overmolded connectors (like on a trailer). Sorry, did not get pictures of the wires. The power lines disconnect at both the battery and the box. I also kept stock wiring intact but added on new connectors, so when I take the sub box out I can easily plug back in the stock radio and still have something. We designed the box to have a channel on both sides. This is where the high voltage quick disconnects are (though hard to see in the pictures), all the speaker wiring, straps to hold the box in place (so I didnt have to drill into the trunk), and a big steel cable to lock it to the car. The subs were a tight but perfect fit. They are the 12" overstock Image Dynamics subs that were on ebay a while back. In my front doors I put a set of Diamond Audio M651 speakers. I am still not sure how well I like the speakers, only time will tell. I will try to get pictures of those soon. The speakers are powered by a set of Aura 2300 amplifiers, which are some **** nice amplifiers, especally for $100 a pop. I love the way they look in my car too. Now...for sure pictures... http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox1.JPG http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox2.JPG http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox3.JPG http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox4.JPG http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox5.JPG http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~gkaste/car/subbox6.JPG Hope you all enjoy. Garrett
  7. I am trying to hook up an automotive relay for turning on my amps. I have tripled checked that my wires are okay. 30 to battery 87 to amps 86 to trigger supply 85 to ground My trigger supply is a power antenna turn on. This car has no power antenna, so the relay is the only draw to this source. I have read about others sucesfully using this as the remote input for their amps (with and without a relay) so I believe it should provide enough current, those automotive relays dont draw much anyways. When the power antenna wire is not connected to the relay, it reads a nice 12volts. When it is connected, however, the relay does not trigger and I only measure 1volt. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Thanks!
  8. mastarecoil

    Budget components

    I am looking for some 6.5" component speakers. Many of you will call them "cheap" since I am looking to spend around $100, $150 tops. They will be powered off an Aura 2300 (so 150w rms each), and will be going in the front doors of an '03 taurus. I really have not heard a lot of different speakers, so I dont have any in mind. I hear a lot people describing certain speakers as "harsh", and I dont think thats a sound I would like. I listen to mostly rock/metal, but also sometimes news/comedy/talk shows. Hopefully find a pair that sounds good at fairly high volumes, but also crisp and clear at low volumes (like when the radio is on but soft enough so you can talk to someone in the car). Prefer new, but will consider used if there is a bargain. So...whats everyone reccomend?
  9. Quick question... I plan on running 2 aura 2300 amplifierss in my new system. Each aura amp has 2 40amp fuses in it. Are these redunent and the total fuse size I should put on my battery to amplifier cable be 80 amp, or is each amplifier 80 amps and I need a 160 amp fuse for battery to amplifier? Thanks all.
  10. I am sure there are a bunch of you on here who bought a bunch of sound deadener material and ended up not using the whole roll. Anyone who has some leftover, let me know how much you want for it. Just a hint, no I wont pay the same you paid per square foot, if I wanted to pay that I would buy it brand new, duh, but make me a fair offer and you will have a sale. Shoot me a PM or email me at gkaste@gmail.com. Thanks all.
  11. Any one ever check out this stuff? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8072674192&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3ARTQ%3AUS%3A1 Looks pretty good to me. There is a bunch of bla bla bla shit on his page, but overall the product looks good and you cant beat the price, even looks cheaper than the asphault stuff. So anyone out there ever try it?
  12. mastarecoil

    Vinyl based sound deadening?

    I am on the search for an economical solution for sound deadening my car, for the purposes both for the typical audio reasons and becuase I hate road noise, stereo on or off. While looking around I found this vinyl material. Its about $20 per 12 sq ft, not too bad, hard to find better Ive found. I am trying to stay away from peel n seal and its similar asphault products. Yeah, I know lots of people have had sucess, but I also do a lot of traveling, and I know how it will respond to Phoenix summers, so its a no go. Anyone have any experience with this product? http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=268-020 Thanks all!
  13. Soon I will be installing a new stereo, and am wondering how to install all of this. I am planning on going with a nice component set in the front, no rear speakers, and a pair of subs in the back. For reasons of cost and to retain a stock look, I am going to keep the stock cd player, and am using a line output converter. I am wondering how to hook all this up and configure it. Do I want to hook both amps up to the front output from the LOC? Or use the rears too? Do I want to set the fade on the cd player to front only? What settings do I want to set on each of the amplifiers for gains, frequencies, etc? I am fine with power and speaker wiring, but this is my first time not using rear speakers and a stock headunit, so I am not sure how to wire and configure all of that. Thanks all for any help you can provide! My Equipment: (1) 2003 Taurus, keeping stock cd player (1) Navone 4 channel LOC (2) Aura 2 channel amp (one for subs, one for front speakers) (2) Front speakers, components, undecided on which at this time (2) Subs, undecided on which at this time
  14. mastarecoil

    8" Sub decision

    I have decided I am going to go for 4 8" subs. I am trying to work on a budget here, and my amp needs a 4 ohm load. Right now I am looking at... AA Assassin: http://www.ascendantaudio.com/assassin8specs.html Tangs: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=264-854 Anyone else have any ideas on what subs to look at? I have dont a lot of looking around and those are about the only two that seems to work for me. I like the Assassins becuase of the 3 year warrenty, but they would run me about $225. The tangs are around the same price new, but I may be able to pick them up cheaper. I have seen some MA audio 8" subs cheap, anyone ever play around with those? I looked into the RE 8" too, but they are 4ohm dvc and I cant wire them to a 4 ohm load. My amp is an Aura 2300 by the way. Thanks all !
  15. mastarecoil

    6.5" subwoofers

    Thanks for all the help guys! Based on what I have seen, the idea to use a bunch of tiny subs isnt going to work out well for me. I still appreciate all the help. I am looking to build a new stereo in my 2003 Taurus. I am going for great sound quality, good loudness, and good budget-wise. So far I have an Aura 4 channel (4300) and Aura 2 channel (2300) amp from parts express. Going to use the 2 channel for subs and the 4 channel for speakers. I _may_ send the 4 channel back and get another 2 channel, if I decide to ditch the rear speakers, but thats undecided right now. I am going to get a descent set of components for the front. Perhaps a set of OZ audio 6.5" comps, those seem to be a great bang for the buck, but I am still looking around, open to any suggestions. For the rears, I have a set of kenwood 2 way 6x9"s. They are pretty good, used to be door speakers in my old car. Again, not sure if I want to use them or not, but if I do, they dont cost me any extra. Subs is where I want to go unique. I first started looking at a set of 10s or 12s, but then began looking elsewhere. For a while I had my mind pretty much made up on 4 AA assassin 8". Now, I am considering more unique... How do you think an array of 16 goldwood 6.5" woofers would do? At partsexpress they can be picked up for as little as 10 bucks a pop. Fits my budget well, and definitally has big unique points, however, is my quality going to be worth a hoot? Quality is my biggest priority, but I will sacrafice some for the unique factor. Does anyone know what I could expect from doing this? Or does anyone know if those little woofers will even work well as a subwoofer? Any input here would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to the speakers: http://www.partsexpress.com/webpage.cfm?&DID=7&WebPage_ID=240&CFID=599827&CFTOKEN=23164066#standard Thanks guys!