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  1. LeofromtheH

    **Pics** Lets see your ride **Pics**

    sick! i really like those wheels! what kind are they? looking for some for my new ride. got it about amonth ago. 2008 impala ls.got alot of things in mind for it.. mmmm
  2. LeofromtheH

    songs that girls can dance to?

    ying yang twins pit bull - shake ying yang twins - a yi yi huey - pop lock and drop it juveline - back that ass up (of course) timbaland ft keri hilson - the way i are ps. - i agree w/ azbass
  3. LeofromtheH

    UPS can suck it.....FED EX came early!!!

  4. LeofromtheH

    Jeep SRT-8 install (a Shawn Fleming creation)

    4 pages and still no pics of the jeep??
  5. LeofromtheH


    why not just build a box with wheels on it?
  6. LeofromtheH

    new truck... (PICS)

    i hate those trucks
  7. LeofromtheH

    customer service lol(just look)

    what a waste of space.
  8. LeofromtheH

    customer service lol(just look)

    uuhhh ok?
  9. LeofromtheH

    Yes..Fi has a website

    what a dumbass.
  10. LeofromtheH

    Its 3:40 am.. Car Break In

    it was 3:40 am, and i was at work.
  11. LeofromtheH

    Texas Showdown 2007 in Houston, TX

    bbooooo rain sucks! hopefully it'll be a sunny sunday tomorrow.
  12. LeofromtheH

    azbass sq build.

    mmmm ppi flat cones how many cubes is the enclosure?
  13. LeofromtheH

    Texas Showdown 2007 in Houston, TX

    yea 17th is fathers day.
  14. anybody going? i'll probably make my way out thurr http://www.texasshowdown.com/