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  1. FYI, The skin effect only occurs with alternating current (AC). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_effect
  2. bubbagumper6

    How do you assemble a box?

    Just make sure it's clamped while you're drilling pilot holes then after you add the glue the first screw should pull the boards back into alignment and the rest will have no problem. You'll get a feel for how much glue you need and eventually you'll have minimal excess. I prefer to use clamps but I do a lot of other woodworking and covering screw holes is an unnecessary chore in my opinion.
  3. bubbagumper6

    Deadener, deadener, deadener....

    I said "peal n seal" it's an actual product. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Peel-Seal-Instant-Waterproof-Repairs-6-in-x-25-ft-Aluminum-Roll-Flashing/1018733
  4. bubbagumper6

    Deadener, deadener, deadener....

    Not to sound like an old fart but I remember newbies asking about peel n seal back in '06. A full 10 years later and this forum is still having the same discussions over and over again....some things never change