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  1. FYI, The skin effect only occurs with alternating current (AC). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_effect
  2. bubbagumper6

    How do you assemble a box?

    Just make sure it's clamped while you're drilling pilot holes then after you add the glue the first screw should pull the boards back into alignment and the rest will have no problem. You'll get a feel for how much glue you need and eventually you'll have minimal excess. I prefer to use clamps but I do a lot of other woodworking and covering screw holes is an unnecessary chore in my opinion.
  3. bubbagumper6

    Deadener, deadener, deadener....

    I said "peal n seal" it's an actual product. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Peel-Seal-Instant-Waterproof-Repairs-6-in-x-25-ft-Aluminum-Roll-Flashing/1018733
  4. bubbagumper6

    Deadener, deadener, deadener....

    Not to sound like an old fart but I remember newbies asking about peel n seal back in '06. A full 10 years later and this forum is still having the same discussions over and over again....some things never change
  5. bubbagumper6

    FS: NIB Memphis 16-MC2.100

  6. bubbagumper6

    My new box in the making

    Home audio should be tuned much lower...
  7. bubbagumper6

    FS: NIB Memphis 16-MC2.100

    No, it's 2 channel. ~200w per channel @ 2ohm
  8. bubbagumper6

    FS: NIB Memphis 16-MC2.100

    Item(s) for Sale: Memphis 16-MC2.100 Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, only removed from box to power up and test after I received it, then promptly returned to original packaging. Bought from n8skow in March 2012 then decided to go with a 5 channel to save space. Been collecting dust in the basement ever since. Great little amp, lots of power in a very small footprint. Specs: Clean Class A/B power! RMS Power 4 Ohm(w): 100W x 2 RMS Power 2 Ohm(w): 150W x 2 0.10% THD 100mV-10V input voltage Full Mosfet design Fully variable high/low pass crossovers Fully variable 0 to 12dB Bass Boost at 80Hz Input sensitivity multiplier switch Balanced and unbalanced line inputs Black anodized aluminum angel-hair finish Centered diamond cut bevel display All controls and connections on 1 side for added convenience Satin-M plated RCA connectors Remote bass boost included 4 ultra-clean models available Dimensions 7.77 x 2.24 x 11.41 In. Price: $180 Shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: On me Item Pictures:
  9. bubbagumper6

    shop install gone bad....

    Well so far we still don't have any evidence of the shop doing wrong so maybe you should take it back to them and ask for help...
  10. bubbagumper6

    shop install gone bad....

    Well it sounds like you cooked something. It also doesn't sound like it was necessarily the shops fault... You play with the gain knob on the amplifier? (or any of the settings for that matter) There's not much we can do over the internet with so little information. If you have a multimeter you can check the resistance of the woofer coils, would at least help you narrow it down between the amp or the subs. Disconnect the subs and check to see if the amplifier will still turn on. If it does, put on a test tone and check the output with your meter (with the subs still disconnected). Also list ALL equipement, amplifier brand/model, sub brand/model, head unit, etc.
  11. bubbagumper6

    Let's talk electrical upgrades...2 SA-12s

    Papermaker, you're wasting your time man. Most of the members of this forum derive their 'knowledge' from other what other members have said, meaning misconceptions are propagated indefinitely. It's like trying to swim upstream, you can fight all you want but eventually you'll just give in and stop trying to help... ---------- Post added at 11:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ---------- You've got no room to call someone an idiot with a statement like that.
  12. bubbagumper6

    Power supply idea

    Exactly now you're getting it. And both your motor and your alternator have less than 100% efficiency which means you'll get wayyy less than 100A output.
  13. bubbagumper6

    Power supply idea

    Think about it, if you could take an electric motor and use it to create more electricity than you put in, it would be free energy...for everyone. It just doesn't work like that.
  14. bubbagumper6

    Power supply idea

    Google the law of conservation of energy. Alternators attached to engines use gasoline as their power source, you're talking about using electricity to generate more electricity. I don't have time to give you a crash course in physics.
  15. bubbagumper6

    Power supply idea

    Alternators take power from the engine. The greater the current draw on the alternator, the greater the torque load on the engine. This is why vehicles running multiple alternators have decreased fuel efficiency. The bottom line is, you cannot CREATE power, it can only be converted from one form to another. Engines convert gasoline to a physical force which alternators then convert into electricity. You cannot take electricity and convert it into more electricity.