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  1. psylo535

    what happened to my SHIT!

    I get that same feeling every time I go to Utah. Do they not care that the tourists keep that place going
  2. psylo535

    pics of your doggo

    Thanks, her name is Remi
  3. psylo535

    pics of your doggo

    My crazy girl
  4. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    ok, plexi it is. Maybe lexan wont scratch as easy
  5. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    I already had the 1/2" glass as that's what I do for work. We don't use any plexi or lexan and i'd have to buy it and wait
  6. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    So nobody has used glass in an enclosure ?
  7. Has anyone made a small viewing window in a sub enclosure made with plate glass. I was wondering if 1/2" plate glass is going to be safe. The opening is only 7 x 15
  8. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    sold both
  9. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    I'll sell one or both
  10. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    And at a very good price !!! I remember what I paid for them
  11. These subs were only used for a few weeks and in excellent condition. $400 plus shipping for both[ATTACH]26557708[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557709[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557710[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557711[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557712[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557713[/ATTACH] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. psylo535

    Looking for a beefy 10

    Got 2 almost new xcon 10 dual 1
  13. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    Yeah,had the door apart recently to change the window regulator and everything looked fine. It never did this till I put more Power to the mids. Can’t really put anything in the track or it will just fall out when I put the window down. Guess I’ll just live with it
  14. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    I already have a ton of sound dampener. It's not the door or panel it's the glass that's vibrating and only the drivers side for some reason
  15. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    I'm getting a terrible vibration that is definitely coming from the glass when I play at loud volume. Got 6.5 hertz in the doors with a bridged soundsteam TN4.900D. I've tried everything I could think of but it is still there and very annoying. Anyone else have this problem, and a solution ?