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  1. psylo535

    what happened to my SHIT!

    I get that same feeling every time I go to Utah. Do they not care that the tourists keep that place going
  2. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    ok, plexi it is. Maybe lexan wont scratch as easy
  3. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    I already had the 1/2" glass as that's what I do for work. We don't use any plexi or lexan and i'd have to buy it and wait
  4. psylo535

    Enclosure viewing window

    So nobody has used glass in an enclosure ?
  5. Has anyone made a small viewing window in a sub enclosure made with plate glass. I was wondering if 1/2" plate glass is going to be safe. The opening is only 7 x 15
  6. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    sold both
  7. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    I'll sell one or both
  8. psylo535

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    And at a very good price !!! I remember what I paid for them
  9. These subs were only used for a few weeks and in excellent condition. $400 plus shipping for both[ATTACH]26557708[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557709[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557710[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557711[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557712[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26557713[/ATTACH] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. psylo535

    Looking for a beefy 10

    Got 2 almost new xcon 10 dual 1
  11. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    Yeah,had the door apart recently to change the window regulator and everything looked fine. It never did this till I put more Power to the mids. Can’t really put anything in the track or it will just fall out when I put the window down. Guess I’ll just live with it
  12. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    I already have a ton of sound dampener. It's not the door or panel it's the glass that's vibrating and only the drivers side for some reason
  13. psylo535

    Door glass vibration

    I'm getting a terrible vibration that is definitely coming from the glass when I play at loud volume. Got 6.5 hertz in the doors with a bridged soundsteam TN4.900D. I've tried everything I could think of but it is still there and very annoying. Anyone else have this problem, and a solution ?
  14. psylo535

    Sundown U 15 facing up or forward?

    Get a new box for that x. I got 2 of them in my frontier and they are tearing my truck apart. Your box is the problem, the x10 is a solid subwoofer
  15. psylo535

    Bridging ppi 900.4 help needed

    And what ? You've been a great help in this thread and 90% of others that I read. All you do is start an argument about anything