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  1. Very clean install with sweet old skool equipment! Nice work and it seems to sound great.
  2. Thats going to sound good but give you some good low end as well.
  3. That looks good bro. Simple yet fully effective.
  4. Orion Man

    RF Power T2 subs

    You guys make me laugh. Id looked at the idmax as well, but I guess u would consider me wanting SQ-L more than just SQ. AQ and IA drivers are nice, but more toward SPL if I'm not mistaken?I do want some higher power'd subs though. I've had 500-1krms subs and it seems I need more.
  5. Orion Man

    RF Power T2 subs

    Lol. Alright guys ill trust u on this. I've been looking at the Fi Q and some DD drivers. Id really considered the T2s because a buddy of mine has run them before and really liked them. But, he is kinda trendy (buys popular name brands). I'm looking at the RF T2k or T4k amps for the low end. Depends on which subs I want.
  6. Orion Man

    RF Power T2 subs

    Are they specifically SPL brutes im m guessing then? Loud and low?
  7. Orion Man

    RF Power T2 subs

    I'm sure there are a lot more subs out there for better money. But I've always had a thing for these. Wanted to get some insight from those of u that have ecperience with them. It'll be used for a sq setup in an Acura TL-S. Eithet 1 or 2 12's running off older T series power amps.
  8. That thing is gonna wang! Ive heard those Massive subs and they get pretty loud.
  9. Nice work. But, why do people build Donks? Their the most hideous thing next to a lowrider on 13" daytons.
  10. ttt. Anyone? What about a 5ch amp?
  11. Ive seen alot on ebay lately. I would def try there.
  12. Hey guys, Ive got a LNIB KenWood KDC-MP5032 CD/MP3 receiver. Im including the iPod/Zune headphone plug with it that plugs into the aux of the deck. Include box, cage, harness, trim ring, and case for the face. I need a 250-300rms amp to power my sub. It doesnt need to be anything crazy, just something that will work. PM me and let me know if anyone is interested. I apologize, I dont have pics yet. Ill get them tommorrow. Heres a link for now. http://www.crutchfield.com/S-moiVAcR8vHB/p_113MP5032/Kenwood-KDC-MP5032.html
  13. I totally agree! I love the older SoloBarics. Awesome sub for so little space.