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  1. ga12r

    Tifton, Ga March 3rd now a 2X DB Drag

    Correct, just bring some DeeeeBeeeeezzzzz.
  2. ga12r

    2 12" fi q's or 2 12" re xxx

    Go with RE MXs, you will not be sorry. Neo motors and 4" coils=sex.
  3. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Oh my God.....
  4. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Just curius, what are your X-over points between your mids, 10s, and 13s? And I dont wanna hear "well when I get my amps.....". What is your perfect setup x-over wise?
  5. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Jesus, dont ask him that, I did that once.
  6. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Ok, this has gone far enough, you can stop joking around now, we know that you must be ****ing with us. Right?
  7. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Cool, but that is the likely the shops policy, not the manufacturers. Our shop has always done that, but it is nice that RE backs that up in writing now, some companies dont. I didn't know if JL has a over-the-counter exchange policy, I still dont, no one has answered me yet.
  8. Depends on how you run the interconnects to the inputs. You will need to put two lefts on the front channels and two rights on the back channels, or vice-versa, but you get the idea.
  9. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Is that 1 year warranty an over the counter exchange, or do you have to send it in if the dealer will not give you a new one? If it is not an over-the-counter exchange I say RE has the upper hand, supposed consistency issues or not. A RE dealer has no choice but to give the customer a new woofer if he has it in stock or he voids his dealer agreement.
  10. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    Maybe, I dont know. We have never had one comeback, but with a 1 year over the counter exchange warranty if you but authorized,for all there subs but the MT, Id say that shouldnt be an issue. Does JL offer that?
  11. ga12r

    most over-rated sub?

    JL, no doubt about it. Kids come into my shop and are so close minded they won't even entertain the notion of anything but JL, even if it is half the price and performs better. I sell RE SRs for about half of what a JL W3 goes for and the TL parameters and performance are almost identical(almost, the SR has a slight edge) but these kids dont care becuse it aint JL. But I laugh alot, the termlab is a great eqaulizer.
  12. ga12r

    In-Dash Head Units help plz Kenwood vs Eclipse

    I know the unit that he is talking about and he meant to say 1 year warranty.
  13. ga12r

    Eclipse finally got smart

    I would still takes the 8053 over any new Eclipse, detach or not(except for my nav unit).
  14. ga12r

    RE vs Audioque vs FI

    For SQ it will be hard to beat the RE SE at the price they can be had for.
  15. ga12r

    AUTOTEK MM1400.1D or LANZAR OPTI 1400D

    Just get the Autotek, you will be happy. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=214224