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  1. kingjd7

    Lightning Audio S4.15.VC2

    I actually made a sealed enclosure.. Pretty loud. I found a manual online with the specs. Pretty heavy at 35lbs. I have a American Bass VFL 2680.1 on it at 2 ohms. Pretty happy with it especially what i paid for it. As far as flea market brand....They do make some pretty descent stuff. I believe the Storm series has a huge 3hp motor.
  2. kingjd7

    Lightning Audio S4.15.VC2

    Does anyone know if this sub is decent? I picked one up for a steal...3”vc and 160oz motor. Dual 4 ohm vc. Im going to use a Ab VFL 2680.1D @ 2 ohms. Probably 3.25 cft @32 hz.