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    I design, build, install, sell, order, stock, inventory...and whatever else the job calls for. If it needs to be done, I'm the go-to man.
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  1. So, awhile back the guys from 100.1 The BEAT (Monroe, La) got ahold of the shop wanting the revamp their "remote broadcast" vehicle. Well, when they dropped it by the shop, it was a wreck. Another local shop had originally built the system in the Ford SUV...and it was HORRIBLE. It was a rear-hatch-facing wall w/ 4 Hifonics 15's and a bunch of Hifonics 6x9's, so they could pop the rear hatch and play music "on-location" for remote broadcasts. Dear god the build was horrible. ^^^^pics of "wall" interior. Apparently, the shop built the wall to big and had to chop the top corners to make in fit in back of the SUV....and add ALOT of silicone. (This shop has since gone out of business for obvious reasons) They used a rear wet-cell batt w/ no mounting box, it ended up falling over and shorting out, and killed the stock alt....not to mention leaking acid and eating up the carpet on the 3rd-row seats (they built the wall over the 3rd row by just folding it down). We had a limited budget to salvage the vehicle. Removed the folded down 3rd row (that was eat up w/ acid) and used the existing seat mount bolts to mount a new sub box. We then re-carpeted the back half of the SUV w/ black carpet and built red-vinyl trim panels. We reused the radio station's old Hifonics BXi2008d and US-Acoustics amps, but hid them under a trim panel between the box and 2nd row seat...along w/ a G34 X2-Power Batt (NorthStar). Used the BXi2008d for the 2 DD RedLine 715's, used the 2ch US-Acoustics to drive 2 DD B2 and VO-8's in the rear hatch. I will post more pics later.
  2. Canaan

    pawn shop purchases.. did I do ok?

    I see 3 possibilities w/ this post. A) You already had these amps and wanted to show off. B) The people at the pawn shop didn't know **** about car audio (and likely thought the Kicker amp was the best quality amp in the lot) C) You are just trolling. But hey, if you really did pick these up for $150...**** good deal man.
  3. Like this? Xscorpion DMANL3034P Digital Platinum Mini ANL Distribution Block or Xscorpion DMANL3024P Digital Platinum Mini ANL Distribution Block
  4. Canaan

    DDs super 8

    I won't lie to you, I haven't got my hands on a DD-SW2508....But I have the RL506's, and based on the numbers for "limited space" customers....the RL608's are kicking ***!!! They open up crazy limited windows for ported sub boxes.
  5. Canaan

    DDs super 8

    OK....I'll bite.... So...I'm a DD-Dealer, and I will say... The new SW2508 looks great. And all of your have overlooked the fact that the 'ridges' in the DD-surround continues onto the surround landing and the cone. I'm sure some of you remember the high-roll surround dimpling of the old IDMAX subs?.....well.....DD worked to fix such long-throw dimpling...especially on small diameter subs.
  6. Canaan


    one does not simply PORT A BOX......
  7. Canaan

    Find a good match for this box!

    I'm guessing that THIS IS THE ATREND 1-10" BOX YOU HAVE..... >>link>> 10" SINGLE VENTED If so...well, that box is 95% of your problem. Hell, I'm an Atrend retail dealer, and I will tell you now....get rid of that CRAP box. (Atrend model#E10SV). Atrend makes some good basic boxes, but this is NOT one of them. Enclosure design is 90% of your subwoofer bass output!!! Try that RF-R1-10 in a REAL box (true-specs)....about 1.25-1.5cuft @ 33-37hz w/ 15-20sqin of port area for daily listening. If the box is right, you will **** a brick vs the E10SV-Atrend box.
  8. Canaan

    Which single 10" subwoofer? .6 sealed on 1200-1450rms

    What vehicle? what location?
  9. Canaan

    Kicker zx750.1 for Sa18?

    Or...as per his sig. 2-18's connected...one fried.... the other OBVIOUSLY saw the same level of abuse.....or..... even worse...as you stated....(sadly for DC) Just saying. . . . . and again... that ZX750.1 will be fine for your SA18.
  10. Or the LOC wiring... I can't count the number of times I have sold "Out-the-door" systems (sub, box, amp, amp-kit, LOC) to customers, just to see the customer come back saying...."You sold me CRAP!!!"....Then we check the install and the LOC is wired out of phase. 5mins later...we fix it and it works. . . . Anyways...I still say.... Try wiring one of your subs out of phase (w/ the amps daisy-chained). Then, post the results. I have seen amp outputs RCA outputs that are out of phase.
  11. Canaan

    Kicker zx750.1 for Sa18?

    Don't want to be an *******....but.... If you have a pair of subs playing, and one sub burns up....wouldn't logic dictate that the other sub has seen the same abuse??? Anyways, a ZX750.1 on an SA18 should be fine.
  12. Canaan

    Tuning my amp (Its confusing)

    Hoots....just try this. On that PPI amp, set your LPF to about 50%....that 40-220hz range is crap. PPI used to be an outstanding brand, but now days...its just another Power Acoustik amp w/ another case (PPI, SoundStream, and power acoustik are owned by the same parent company now) Use your HU's sub LPF....set that to 80-100hz. As far as setting gain w/ a multimeter, well, EVERYTHING changes when you put an active load (a sub) and music in the mix. Here is an OLD vid i did about setting gains w/ a multimeter... You need to set your gain w/ music on an O-scope...or by ear. If you can't hear clipping w/ subs, you should either go to someone that can, or unplug your ears. Clipping at 30-100hz (under 150db) should be CLEARLY AUDIBLE, but every track you play will have different levels of bass. So, like someone earlier said....use your ears and nose.
  13. Even if you know the sub wires are IN-PHASE....try wiring one sub out of phase. Just check to see.
  14. Those tweets look to be the old DD T28's. Not the AT28's. Those old T28's are LOUD and can handle quite a bit of power, I have run them on 125-150w.
  15. Canaan

    Fuse issue

    That is a common issue w/ AGU fuses. The blow at the solder joint at the end caps. I would recommend changing to an ANL or mini-ANL style fuse, they are much more reliable than AGU.