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  1. matrxx dude

    american bass 12s

    i have the same subs,great subs.bump
  2. matrxx dude

    CD player skips at high volume

  3. matrxx dude

    WTB: 2 12's 2000 Watts

    235.00 shipped
  4. matrxx dude

    WTB: 2 12's 2000 Watts

    ive got 2 12'' dual 4 ohm american bass xfl,for sale
  5. matrxx dude

    jax, fl audio addiction STAY AWAY

    dammitt boy!
  6. matrxx dude

    Wtb 2/12s for a good price

    u need to put wat ohm u need kenny
  7. matrxx dude

    planet audio 1900.1

    so wat yall think of them,seems to a clean running amp has 160 amps of fusing.
  8. matrxx dude

    looking for an amp to push a good 1200 rms at 12volts

    ive got a planet audio 1900.1 that puts out 1400rms at 1 ohm
  9. matrxx dude

    Mb Quart ONX1.1500D do rated?

    wat about the planet audio rdx series
  10. matrxx dude

    WTB: 1200 watts

    planet audio rdx 1900.1,does 1400 rms at 1 ohm,mint condition,165 shipped
  11. matrxx dude

    Wtb two twelves inch subs

    wat amp u gonna be running to em
  12. matrxx dude

    Wtb two twelves inch subs

    i still got my 2 12's for sale
  13. matrxx dude

    2 12" CVR, 1 15" L7 Box Design

    run the 2 12's or the single 15,not together.u will have cancellation
  14. matrxx dude

    Fi q 12in ported or 15in sealed

    the 12'' ported will be louder than the 15 sealed,especially on a single sub setup.