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  1. Paddywad

    How do I run amp with OEM Navi/OEM Amp?

    May have a solution for you if you are willing to spend some money. Kenwood has some new products that can incorporate what you are asking. Here is a scenario, http://www.crutchfield.com/p_113KOSCV10/Kenwood-KOS-CV100.html?tp=119, use that inconjunction this, http://www.crutchfield.com/p_113KOSV500/Kenwood-KOS-V500.html. They two components will let you use your factory nav and utilize an aftermarket amp.
  2. Paddywad

    I got PWND at local stereo shop

    Sounds like you paid them to do their work. You paid $60 for losing a harness, which I bet is still there, and you say that you worked two hours at $10 an hour. They profit from you majorly not to mention how much they charged the lady in the van for the install as well. By the way, did you get the job?
  3. Paddywad

    What kind of amp for these?

    Check out this amp: http://www.concept-intl.net/proddetail.asp?ID=305&ProductLine=Amplifier
  4. Paddywad

    Fixing an Audiobahn Immortal

    Where abouts are you in Greer? I'm only twenty minutes away.
  5. Paddywad

    First system

    I would upgrade your ground wire/connection to match that of your power wire. Don't connect the capacitor, but do check your voltage.
  6. Paddywad

    Fixing an Audiobahn Immortal

    To the OP if you have a local Hobby Lobby, go there and get the following: Extreme Power Instant Adhesive ($4.99) SKU: 238410 (CA Glue) Extreme Power Accelerator ($3.99) SKU: 238766 Use the trick that Yunvme666 mentioned along with the mentioned products, and all should be kosher. Did it to my Concept CSS10, and it is still playing strong. To Memphis, I have used an older Audiobahn Natural Sound sub AW831 I beleive, and I was very pleased with its output at time. It is now currently being used by my bro-in-law who is also pleased with it.
  7. Paddywad

    Good 4x6s?

    I'm still rocking my Clarion ProAudio 4x6 plates that I purchased back in 1998. Have been in and out of four S10's. The SRC4695 resemble what I have, but mine are black not silver. Very good speakers.
  8. Paddywad

    whats a good 8" sub

    Look at Image Dynamics ID8D2 or D4 for a more low wattage SQ setup. http://www.imagedynamicsusa.com/tech_page.php?name=ID8D2%20V.3&type=sub&id=id
  9. Paddywad

    what is the best sub of all time

    PPI flat piston subs from the 90's.
  10. Paddywad

    Craigslist Joke Of The Day!

    Bump the subs, I would take the amp. It cost around $180 when new a few years ago. Very trustworthy amp.
  11. Paddywad

    CDA-9887 Questions

    ^^^^^ Beat me to it. Here's thread that talks about the front usb and the KTX-100EQ imprint kit. http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22136 Post #7 gives the use of the front usb.
  12. Paddywad

    kove audio

    Don't know if this helps, but I was searching Ebay and found this: http://cgi.ebay.com/15-ARMAGEDDON-BY-KOVE-WOOFER-500-W-RMS-2-VOICE-COIL_W0QQitemZ360000456283QQihZ023QQcategoryZ3292QQcmdZViewItem FYI, I had a pair of Kove's 6.5 components back in the day, and I really liked how they played. I paid $42 for them as a closeout deal.
  13. Paddywad

    Worst car you've installed on?

    My step-daughter's 2003 Mitsu Eclipse Spyder w/ the infinity system. Not fun at all.
  14. Paddywad

    Window tinting

    You can see mine with 20% on driver/passenger windows, and 5% on the back windows and across the windshield in the post your ride thread. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3624218&postcount=3145
  15. Paddywad

    New car search: Opinions please.

    The maxima FTW. It's basically a 4-door sports car.