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  1. Calikid

    Is this normal?

    Move to California to avoid having issue:fro:
  2. Calikid

    iPod Touch 32GB w/ USB Cable

    just pm'ed u. Im interested.
  3. Calikid

    My largest UPS shipment yet.

    Hmmmm....interesting. My shipment was 1/4 of what u bought..
  4. Calikid

    Need feedback on plasmas

    thats what i heard
  5. Calikid

    great site for teh noobs.

    naw just today cuz im on coke.....
  6. Calikid

    2 12" DC Audio Level 3s?

    i had mine in 2cuft. and tehy sounded awesome
  7. yes the song does drop the hammer
  8. Calikid

    Need an amp for under $100 for two CVRs

    whatever you choose make sure you get the amp to match em for best performance.