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  1. 2 Batteries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got two gelpack batteries and my stock alternator isnt charging it properly anymore. Should i replace the stock alternator with another stock one and get an ISOLATOR which charges one battery at a time i believe. or should i get a HO alternator? would the first option with the isolator solve the problem of my batteries not being charged ( both batteries are gel pack btw)
  2. heres what im working with here... i need some ideas.... i think i mgonna put the 2 amps on the sides tilt them or have them flat... and fiberglass the rest out? btw, i am looking to switch my clarion amp into a matchign arc amp
  3. gopt some kicker speakers from him.. fedex returned it to him because a mistake on their part.. he re-sent it via ups with his own money... GREAT SELLER
  4. right now i got a box for a 12'' its about 1.0 cubic feet. I have limited space because of my air ride. Im doing a full fiberglass trunk (ignore the wires they will be tied soon) So what kind of enclosure should i do? ported?sealed? dimensions? fiberglass or wood and fiberglass over it?
  5. PM Me prices with shipping to toronto M1R 3C7. thanks
  6. I need a amp that does 500-1000 rms at 2 ohm. post pics and prices with shipped to toronto M1R 3C7. Please state condition of amp as well, scratches or anything.
  7. kumanan

    10'' Rockford punch?

    Anyone have experiences with these punch subs? SPL or SQ? good for rap? gets low? http://cgi.ebay.ca/Rockford-Fosgate-P110S4-Punch-10-Car-Subwoofer-NEW_W0QQitemZ9739105027QQcategoryZ39774QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Im thinking of buying that one its local ebay seller. its Either 10'' Rockford, Pioneer, phoenix gold, MTX.
  8. kumanan

    10'' SQ Sub

    I need a 10'' SQ sub that is preferrably mainline. I am fiberglassing into a trunk, i dont wanna get an ugly looking sub either. I would love to put Kicker Comp's but they require too much cubic feet. I need less then 1 cubic feet sealed requirement. Anyone have any suggestions? I need a sub that can get real low for rap/reggae music. I was looking into Eclipse SW6200s but i read a review that said it wont get low. The sub can even be UNDER 500 watts rms. Let me know plz, thank you. please provide some linsk to where i can buy it as well, thanks
  9. kumanan

    moving to SQ from SPL

    Ive had 2 kicker L7's now and im kind of tired of them. I noticed that when i got my windows down and subs poundin people look and there like "whys he trying so hard" type of look. when my windows are up, mann the looks i get. (i got a show car). Anyways, my paint on my roof has cracked as well due to sub vibrations, it is a 15 layer kamelion paint, and its fm the back window vibrating. What type of SQ subs do you recommend i get that wont rattle my trunk like crazy and crack my window, but will just give me a nice quality sound. lmk, thanks
  10. I need a 15'' 06 L7, 15'' RE MT,XXX, or SX PM me with prices + shipping to toronto M1R 3C7 lmk ASAP
  11. kumanan

    Wtb: Xxx

    i need a 15'' XXX subwoofer. must have credible references and must accept paypal. pm me with prices + shipping to toronto M1R 3C7
  12. I need an amp that does 1100 RMS - 1500 RMS @ 2 OHMS Its for a 15'' 06 L7, ignore my other thread. Seller needs to have minimum 500 posts and have credible references.
  13. What will be louder in my civic ( note: i got compressor and tank in the trunk for my air ride) two 15's in small tight sealed box or one 15 in a big ported box?
  14. kumanan

    Which kicker subs?

    Here are my options TWO Kicker 04S12X2SP Replacement Cone For 2 Ohm 04S12X $229.95 EACH TWO Kicker S12L7 L7 12" 1500 Watt Car Audio Subwoofer Dual 2 Ohm $149.95 EACH The L7's handle about 750 RMS and the Solo x handles 2000 rms. I got a civic and two of these is all i can fit so is it a big differences from L7 to Solo X? which should i get. Im ordering from http://www.hifisoundconnection.com thanks