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  1. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    I'm not a big fan of his, BUT people "fans" can be a$$holes and push famous people to the edge to get a rise out of them. And in many instances, to get money out of them.Such as in this case.
  2. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    That piercing is right through the tongue muscles. Splitting or single pierce in the middle isn't as bad since it's the "skin" that fuses the 2 muscles together. Yes it still hurts, but not anywhere as bad as the snake eyes, lol.
  3. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Only the good die young, isn't that a saying.........
  4. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    She’s exactly like the rest of her family. In the beginning she stood out as different, but that has long changed. Everything is fake about her (ass, tits, face, etc like her sisters), media whore (like her family), completely self entitled (like her family), I can go on, but you get the idea. I understand that many like her (and her family) and they/you have every right to do so. But like champ said, as a whole I could do without any of them at all ever again if they all fell off the face of the earth.
  5. oxsign

    "Junk in Her Trunk" VW R32

    Any more updates on this by chance??
  6. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Is that the "catch me outside" chick??
  7. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    How/why are you being restricted??
  8. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    That was for the picture itself. I agree with you.
  9. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    If they didn't look so painful and about to burst, it'd be more attractive, lol. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say NO. I'm just saying if I had my choice.....
  10. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    The Turkey Burger was funny. Don't think I'd seen that one before, lol. Big sausage burger, lmao.
  11. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

  12. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Before is definitely better than after. I just can't get past the face tats.
  13. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

  14. oxsign

    What Sub Should I go with?

    You’re right. However, if you buy another sub and put it in the same box your expectations will be crushed thinking there’s going to be a significant difference. The point being made is simply that the box will be key for better output even with the same sub you had. 👍🏼