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  1. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

  2. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Before is definitely better than after. I just can't get past the face tats.
  3. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

  4. oxsign

    What Sub Should I go with?

    You’re right. However, if you buy another sub and put it in the same box your expectations will be crushed thinking there’s going to be a significant difference. The point being made is simply that the box will be key for better output even with the same sub you had. 👍🏼
  5. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Face tats always kill it for me. For a quick 1 night stand, maybe.
  6. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    That Ram Charger........... 😍
  7. oxsign

    What Sub Should I go with?

    I'll repeat already mentioned "BOX" again. In a properly built & tuned box another set of P2s would be completely different than what you already had easily.
  8. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    The ass on this VW......
  9. oxsign

    Random Picture Thread

    Saw this one the other day. What a beast up close.