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  1. oxsign

    Looking for 2 15” or 18” for Taramp 8k.

    Some LVL5 15”s maybe? 3500rms in 9-10 cubes maybe?? Site calls for 3 cubes. I’m not a numbers guy. I prefer low end monsters. Ideally 25Hz-40Hz.
  2. oxsign

    Looking for 2 15” or 18” for Taramp 8k.

    They’ve been benched in the past to do rated or right at. 3k@4ohm, 5500@2ohm & 8k@1ohm. 15”s is ideally what I’d like to go with. Right now it’s hooked up to 4 10” CT Meso.
  3. oxsign

    Looking for 2 15” or 18” for Taramp 8k.

    2010 Avalanche. So it’ll be pretty much a blow thru with sub & port facing forward. ---------- Post added at 10:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:13 PM ---------- 2010 Avalanche. So it’ll be pretty much a blow thru with sub & port facing forward.
  4. I have a Taramp 8k and 10-12 cubes of space to work with. What would you recommend??
  5. So **** clean, great job. What did you use to seal off the plexiglass?
  6. Amps are 2 soundstream tn4.900d. I’m thinking of going active just to see if there is a noticeable difference. I’m running Meso 8” PA in the doors (6.5” Meso PA in rear doors) and a Meso PA 6.5” & tweeter in the kicks and a tweeter in ea pillar in the factory location. I’d love to have some pillars made but for now this is what I’m working with. If you are running active how do you like it vs running from the HU?
  7. oxsign

    Taramps HD8K 1 ohm

    You take PayPal? Msg me, I’ll take it for $400 whipped.
  8. oxsign

    FS: Pair of Soundsplinter Rl-p15 d2

    ****, I would love to pick these up....
  9. My brain melted trying to understand all of that. Also, reading the thread in that thread that is on CACO site, WOW..... Way beyond my comprehension, lol.
  10. I remember hearing about those way back in the day, lol.
  11. Defiantly without a doubt I'll build it and post up about it on here. Now I'm also very interested in seeing how it works out. I'm in the middle of rebuilding a 4th order for the 4 10"s, but i'm not 100% sure I want to go with them again. I do appreciate the help to all that have posted in here wondering the same thing about this "odd" box, lol.
  12. [quote name='shredder2']Im sorry.. I misstated that question. Does it play strong from the mid 20's to over 60hz? Looks like you'll need to set the lowpass pretty low just to get it to sound decent. Is this something you had to do to tame that upper bass? Once again I'm just tryin' to figure out if I'm close... @oxsign[/QUOTE]Sorry. For some reason I'm not getting notifications of replies to the post. I just read what you came up with and your explanation sound like what I remember being told about it. I haven't built it yet, but I do plan on building just to see what it turns out like. I do remember saying that I wanted it to be a low end monster. I didn't plan on it being "one note wonder", lol. It it my daily and I do listen to a range of music.
  13. I'm sorry, i'm not "dead" on it being 2 different ports. That's just what I remember it being. It was over 6yrs ago when it was done, thus the reason i'm asking for help. I didn't mean for it to come off any other way. Looking it at it now, I do see the variance in that "open area" in the center of what I thought to be 1 long port.
  14. Blue & red is one big long port. There is supost to be a higher tuning (like say 52Hz) and a lower tuning (like say 20Hz).
  15. Yup, and for the life of me I can't remember what the tuning was. It was done 6+ years ago when I first got the Avalanche. Then I changed my mind to do 4 10"s. I recently came across it and thought of maybe going back to it for a change.