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  1. Trey803

    2016 Honda Acoord -- HU options?

    EX no navigation, no Honda sensing Yea I'm thinking maybe a RF three sixty....but I'm more into the SQ and I really don't want to be fighting poor signal quality. I will really miss the parametric eq, time alignment, and all the other features on my Alpine. Not to mention I absolutely hate running speaker wire through door gaskets. What a pain in the ***.
  2. I've recently purchased a new vehicle (2016 Honda Accord) and starting to think about a system upgrade. This car has an integrated head-unit which is also the menu to control many features other than just audio. I've got a newer, higher model, single DIN, Alpine I would love to use. Does anyone have information on what my options are for this car?
  3. Yea that is my truck, that picture is from 2007 though. Sorry none of my new gear is documented in a build log....nothing special. I cut out a hole at the top of my door panels for my tweeters. Amps are behind the seats. 8" is in a pre-fab sealed box.
  4. I don't think amplifier output voltage and vehicle power voltage would have much if any relationship at all. I do not know this as a fact but this is my hunch
  5. Image dynamics ID12 would be perfect for 300 watts. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_94037_Image-Dynamics-ID12-D4-V.4.html
  6. So now you magically own a sub amp. You've got to be kidding or some sort of Internet troll this is rediculous.
  7. Dude, no one can help you until you make a decision on what it is you want. If you keep changing your stance on what you want I cannot help.
  8. Trey803

    Amp turns on, but no sound

    What was the issue?
  9. Here is a Crutchfield article which essentially says the same thing I have suggested. 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Audio Profile
  10. I'm not sure why you would want an extra set of tweeters in your ride. If you replaced the stock door speakers with pioneer TS coaxials, these have a tweeter. You really don't need to buy a second set of tweeters if you plan on keeping the pioneer coxials. Tweeters are used in combination with a mid bass driver such as in a component set where the tweeter and mid bass are separate. Also I believe this is how your jeep would have come from the factory.
  11. Trey803

    Amp turns on, but no sound

    Sorry, one last thing to try. You could buy a new set of RCA cables these do go bad sometimes. This would be cheaper to replace than buying a new unit.
  12. Trey803

    Amp turns on, but no sound

    Ok that means you most likely have a bad pre amp outputs on your cd player.
  13. Trey803

    Need advice on an enclosure

    The thing about not giving sealed subs enough box volume is that it usually cuts the low end....although if you look around there are some high powered 12s with smaller box sizes....don't know any off hand. I want to say the FI Q but even that....I don't know if you would be able to do 2 and have a proper box. More power to compensate won't bring out the low end.
  14. Trey803

    hidden subwoofer opinions

    Buying a second of the same sub won't get you lower bass. Also this freq rating don't say anything about the response curve...most small and shallow drivers drop off way before 20hz even though they can technically produce a 20 hz tone.
  15. Trey803

    Need advice on an enclosure

    I think you would be surprised and impressed with a single ported 12. Choking subs has bad outcomes and I have gone through this with single cab trucks many of times. I would highly suggest starting with 1 12 .....you may be happy with the output if you buy good equipment.