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  1. OneKrazyKeebler

    Best cheap coaxials and HU for car that will soon be sold?

    Good idea zako. Paypal sent to Silverado SS
  2. OneKrazyKeebler

    Best cheap coaxials and HU for car that will soon be sold?

    Forget to mention that its a hatchback and need 4 6.5s
  3. I'm looking to replace the speakers in my 1996 acura integra. I've been out of the car audio scene for a few years now, mainly because of financial reasons. I'm looking to upgrade my daily driver (looking a a 07 335i... hehe) and need something decent and cheap to throw in there before I sell it. The front speakers don't work, rear stock speakers are crap, head unit looks like someone bought off craigslist for $20, road noise is horrible from factory on these cars, blah blah blah.... its all crap. Bbeen my daily 30+ mpg beater for about 9 months now. I've searched and searched, found out whats good and bad, but haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm in need of coaxial speakers, front and rear and a cheap single din head unit to throw in there. Not running an amp (I know, I know) because car will be sold in a couple months. I am not trying to setup an audiophile sysyem, just something relatively nice for a few dollars. I will install everything myself. I am game to experiment cheap stuff that someone has been wanting to tryout for shats and giggles. Trying to keep it all under $200. Plan to experiment with some CLD tiles while I have the door panels off because I will be using them on my 62 Impala I am building now because they are cheap enough and I want to see the before and after affect before I use them in a real build.. Prefer new but good used stuff someone has laying around is just fine too. Let's see what you guys come up with..... Thanks in advance.
  4. OneKrazyKeebler

    It's Here!!!!

    oh demn, my zipper just got creamy
  5. I need a set of endcaps for my 2500d. It is the billet aluminum one, not the WCC one. Let me know if you got some, or where to get them... thanks
  6. OneKrazyKeebler

    How to make a music video DVD/CD?

    i take it nobody knows how to do this?
  7. I have spent all morning trying to make something work in my car. I have a Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD. I am using Nero. I dont know what i have done wrong. I used KeepVid and downloaded from youtube. I don't know if the file format is wrong or what. Any programs/places to get music videos from would be helpful. Thanks.
  8. OneKrazyKeebler

    Funny story

    thats a good story, thank you
  9. OneKrazyKeebler

    Wtb: Horns

    I am looking for some ID horns, mini or whatever. I am not 100% sure I want the ID, but ive heard good stuff. Let me know what you got to offer. Cash on hand.
  10. OneKrazyKeebler

    debadged.... "extreme" dirt

    dude, i know what you need....... go to advanced, auto zone, o'riley or wherever and get this stuff called "GOO-GONE" it works crazy good. It took that adhesive crap off a service truck that had vinyl stickers all over it for 8 years. its good stuff and cheap and you don't have to use very much. one big bottle will probably last you a lifetime. (it smells good as hell too)
  11. OneKrazyKeebler

    Favorite Box Building Materials/Tricks......

    Thanks for all the help guys, lets see where this all leads me.....
  12. OneKrazyKeebler

    SK 1/4" ratchet set CHEAP!

    Thems there is some VERY nice tools, comfortable as hell, up4u
  13. OneKrazyKeebler

    Favorite Box Building Materials/Tricks......

    you ever line the inside too?